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Microsoft HoloLens seduce: Win10 common application will support the holographic operation


HoloLens, a mystery technology Microsoft’s latest released. Few people have seen it come true charm, and almost everyone is looking forward to HoloLens really come. Unlike Oculus Rift, HoloLens can do is not to bring you to a virtual world, where fighting with orcs or dragon. It can do is to bring the orcs or dragon to your world, can be in your bedroom or living room. Combining virtual world and real world is the biggest bright spot for HoloLens.

In the January Microsoft Win10 conference, the first time we saw HoloLens, in addition to the exciting also has a lot of questions exist. Recently, in the HoloLens official website, Microsoft answered some common problems that users interested.

Microsoft explains what is the hologram, why do people need a hologram (because it’s cool, Duang, is the special!) And how HoloLens works, as well as the Windows 10 and the hologram contact etc..

What is a hologram?


The hologram is you can see objects through the naked eye (after wearing HoloLens glasses), and it is the same we see in the real world objects the difference is the hologram is generated by the light. Hologram can be 2 d, for example, like a piece of paper or television screen, also can be three-dimensional, like other physical objects. Using HoloLens watch the hologram will be quite realistic, through gestures, eye, voice interaction with, you can move it, change its shape, and it will change with the user interactions or physical changes in the environment.

HoloLens hologram generation story

Microsoft also explained the principle of HoloLens to generate multidimensional image, and how to bring the hologram in real environment. All of these work are by the new holographic processing unit (HPU) to complete.

Microsoft HoloLens equipped with transparent lenses, holographic high-definition camera, stereo sound technology environment technology, so you can see and hear the holographic objects like from the environment around you. The built-in sensors and new advanced holographic processing unit (HPU) can sense the environment around you, Microsoft HoloLens can real-time processing huge amounts of data from sensors.

Windows 10 and the hologram association

We see in the Windows 10 news conference, the HoloLens will run a separate Win10 system. Thanks to eyeball, gestures, voice, and the environment/scene perception API, makes Windows 10 become the first supported holographic computing operating system. In Windows 10, hologram will be generated by the general application, all the general application can run in a way that is the hologram. There is no doubt that Windows 10 hologram will bring us a new way of communication, creation and exploration.


Microsoft will discuss HoloLens in next week’s Build 2015 conference. Like the Kinect sensor, the application prospect of HoloLens would be very extensive. Through HoloLens, you can take a lot of the past exists only in your mind into a “reality”.