Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver for Windows 7

The standard VGA graphics adapter shows exclamation on “Device Manager”.
It shows “This device cannot start (Code10)” after right click “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter”.

Standard VGA Graphics Adapter driver
Standard VGA Graphics Adapter driver shows exclamation

Tips: Sometimes, you will find because of the Standard VGA Adapter not installed success (it shows exclamation), your display not shows as normal.


First, I need to tell you, for this question, what you need do is not find and download standard vga graphic adapter drivers, it will not solve your problem. You need download and update your graphic card driver.

Download and Update Graphic Drivers to Solve this problem

Update Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver
Download Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver

After you download and update the graphic drivers for your system such as Windows 7, the exclamation will disappear or all the “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter” will disappear, it only shows your graphic card.

Details explain:
After you know why this happened, you can solve this problems easily. We know that for your computer graphic card, it will shows as two status: one is main graphic driver, this driver will be perfect enhanced the performance for this hardware, and is what we need; the other one is standard vga graphic adapter driver, this is make sure your computer graphic card can basically view in case of main graphic driver missing, but the effect of display will be not normal, it shows the basic effect for the graphic card.

So what you need do is install the graphic drivers for your desktop and laptop. When you installed it correctly, the standard VGA graphics adapter yellow exclamation will disappear.

Why/How this happens?

In a word is your graphic driver is not installed correctly or it is missing, the display only show the basic image effect.

Details explain:
We know when you upgrade your system, such as from Windows Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit, the system file include the mainstream drivers, but not for all and for every model computer. So after you upgrade it, some drivers are outdated, missing, or not compatible with new system.

Another situation is graphics card not installed correctly. Make sure it is installed correctly. (I am not say more about this situation, because this is not related to this content).

Why it called Standard VGA Graphic Adpater?

This is named by Microsoft. In device manager, every hardware is must be called a name. When your graphic driver is missing or error, but the system know there has a graphic card, it named this card as standard VGA graphic adpater.

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