Smart watches Inventory and Reviews

The technology changes life, all the traditional hardware can be equipped with smart chips by way of intelligence, watch also increasingly intelligent process, and smart watches has been introduced one by one.

By carrying a smart phone system to the network, to achieve expansion of an amplifying function, which is the intelligent watch. You can see that the current trend of smart watches are gradually move closer to the phone again, which is one of this product be designed, in the case of using a cell phone user is not convenient to use.

Based on performance, the current smart watches are divided into two categories, while distinguishing criterion is whether to include a call feature. Smart Watch relying connection without calling achieved multifunction smart phones can synchronize phone calls, text messages, e-mail, photos, and music and so on; and the smart watch with a call feature supports SIM card is essentially a watch shape smart phones; and the current market most used operating system is a very high penetration of the Android system.

Follow inventory of several representative for everyone to watch.

1. Apple Watch


Apple is currently touted company and Apple released their own smart watch –Apple Watch. This from smartphone is released by Apple’s September 2014, the screen with sapphire material, the back of the watch has a lot of sensors, is a full range of health and motion tracking devices. It’s pre-sale time for the late mid-March to the end of June next year, but for the price, Cook said starting at $ 349.

Sapphire dial peel it unique waterproof function, and in terms of software, its specialized introduced two new applications: Fitness and Workout. Watch is recorded the real-time data, measure calorie consumption, exercise time, distance, and heart rate recording. In addition, Apple watch has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, 16GB RAM, can also be linked with the iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth or WiFi.

2. Google smart watch


For Apple has launched the Smart Watch, as Apple’s competitors, Google has even less idle.

As the name implies Google-based smart watch is powered by Android Wear smart watches, of course, a simplified version of Android powered smart watches. Can provide navigation information, e-mail reminder message, while the device is expected to have a function of network access. But does not support the expansion of third-party applications.

Currently LG, Sony, MOTO has launched related products.

3. Samsung Galaxy Gear

On September 25, 2013 introduced by South Korea’s Samsung, the Smart Watch Galaxy Gear, 1.63-inch Super AMOLED screen material, with a resolution of 320 * 320, support for multi-touch. Wristband built a 1.9 million pixel camera, supports interaction with the previous Samsung mobile phones, and small tools to manage photos and video content.

This contains 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM, also has a non-removable battery 315 mA can have more than 25 hours usage time smart watches also speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope, and two microphone. As for pricing, compared with $ 300. At the same time, this smart watch supports the Samsung S Voice commands, through the watch can alarm tone, outgoing calls and other functions. In China, it is replaced by Baidu voice assistant.

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