New 4K movies hardware DRM for Windows 10


Who wants to continue to play 4K blockbusters, requires, and according to the Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 called hardware DRM. Windows 10 and encrypted graphics unit should be mandatory. AMD, Intel, NVidia and Qualcomm support the spoon-feeding.

From the public largely ignored Microsoft has a new Digital Rights Management called PlayReady 3.0 presented at the WinHEC Summit in March 2015 (.pptx). This is not a copy, but a content protection similar to the long cracked, first HDCP for Blu-ray movies. Microsoft’s new DRM is the favored solution for Hollywood studios, in order to protect their 4K content with PlayReady 3.0. Without them, the movie does not start or only with low quality.

PlayReady 3.0 is part of Windows 10, according to protected material presupposes the new Microsoft operating system. Also imperative is a security processor or a Trust Zone be, should run on, or a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) including keys. This can most current chips from AMD, ARM and Intel. Thus PlayReady should run on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones – it is the battery charge not. In addition to the processor, the graphics unit compressed and uncompressed data and its output must encrypt.

The video for the new DRM breaks just before Microsoft Nishanth Lingamneni responds to details of PlayReady 3.0, from. However, he mentions a computer restriction by the DRM – what should fold on the other hand, is a transfer via Miracast. For owners of older systems without Windows 10 and matching hardware PlayReady expected 3.0 mean that they can play no 4K material of certain Hollywood studios.

Remains to be seen whether, for example streaming providers such as Amazon and Netflix support the new DRM from summer 2015 or at least set initially to existing DRM technologies. Besides PlayReady 3.0 industry has opted for HDCP 2.2, which is part of the HDMI 2.0 specification.

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