Microsoft give up Windows? Win10 will be the last version of the Windows?

According to The Verge reports, recently held in Chicago Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft executives publicly called Windows10 will be the last Windows.

For this Microsoft executive’s speech, Microsoft spokesman did not deny that the future Windows will as software services, this is a new initiative for Windows software.

Analysts said, Windows10 will be the last major Windows that represents the Windows software package from the one-time sale to conventional online application service transformation. Windows software will not die, but every few years released a major new version of the practice, and the “version” will withdraw from the stage of history.

Microsoft CEO Nadella said, hope all Microsoft software users, can become the long-term pay subscribers users, rather than a one-time purchase software users.

In fact, since Microsoft announced Windows 10 free, there is the intention of speculation for Nadella do this thing. At present, Microsoft has launched a free Office software to Android and iOS users, also announced two modes free policy on Windows 8. For the upcoming Windows10, Microsoft announced the first year free upgrade after released.

Previously, Microsoft CEO Nadella and other executives, both on different occasions clearly expounded the transformation direction of Microsoft’s software business, namely the transition from the “software” to “software services”, more importantly, all software services will be turned into a “freemium” mode, namely the basic function of free use, advanced functions you need purchase.

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