Logitech’s first Type-C USB mobile hard drive

USB type-C interface is as an important selling point for the new generation MacBook, support USB type-C equipment has been relatively scarce, and Logitech has just launched a USB type-C mobile hard disk LHD-PBMU3MSV can help solve the problem.


Logitech LHD-PBMU3MSV is a dedicated mobile hard disk for Macbook, its Type-C USB interface conforms to USB 3.0 transmission specification, just matching with the new Macbook. Mobile hard disk appearance with the same Mac system silver color, support HFS+ file system, all equipped with Intel processors Mac products can be used. LHD-PBMU3MSV size is 79 x 116 x 15 mm, 160 grams, the weight of the volume into the MAC attachment is definitely not small, but Logitech provides very powerful anti-bruise ability: four corners of mobile hard disk use high impact of rubber material, inside is equipped with a fall from any angle can protect disk “shock proof rubber” technology, have very strong anti falls ability, conforms to the American military mil-std-810f 516.5 standard.

In order to be compatible with common USB devices, Logitech offers two ways of connecting to a mobile hard disk: a common Type-C USB cable, and a Type-A – > Type-C adapter. Currently 1TB and 2TB two versions has been listed on the sale, use 5400rpm drives. In addition, there are a WD red high reliability solutions version.

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