iOS 8 share of 56%: increase of four percentage points from two weeks


US technology media AppleInsider reports, Apple developer page content showed until November 10, registered in the App Store for iOS devices, there are 56% has been upgraded to iOS 8, and iOS 7 devices are accounted for 40 %.

According to the first few weeks of data, the rate of adoption of iOS 8 after a brief setback back on track after last month’s. On October 27 show penetration iOS 8 to 52 percent, it said in recent weeks increased 4 percentage points, while in the three weeks and then move forward, the penetration iOS 8 also increased by five percentage points.

Apple officially push iOS 8 upgrade package to users in September 17, after the initial boom upgrade to early October there has been stagnation, then its penetration grew only 1 percent within two weeks. There were many old customers did not choose to upgrade after seeing iOS on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus appears cellular networks and Touch ID aspect of the Bug.

The latest iOS version iOS 8.1, new features including Apple Pay and iCloud photo gallery those applicable to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Meanwhile Apple is still continuing in fixing iOS 8 Bug and improving performance, the future will be launched iOS 8.1.1 update package.

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