Cook is the first openly gay CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises


After Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly acknowledged that he is gay, the “Fortune” magazine were re-analyzed to ” Leaders of Global 500 ” on Thursday, and found the following interesting data and facts:

500 companies in the world,
1: Cookis the firstpublicly acknowledgedGay CEO,is currently the onlyonedisclosed inthe”gay CEO”.

5: 5 black CEO in total of Top 500. Donald Thompson who is appointed by McDonald’s in 2012 is the fifth black CEO.

19: According to the information provided by Freedom to Marry, total 19 countries worldwide currently recognize gay marriage validity, legality from the law.

20: According to the World Economic Forum’s 2014 Global Gender Gap Index display, Benign status of equality in the United States ranked No. 20.

27: total 27 female CEO in Top 500. AMD recently appointed Lisa Su Dr. is the 27 women CEO.

29: According to the American Civil Liberties Union constitution, the United States has 29 states can legally because someone is homosexual and to fire him.

53: According to the data provided by human rights organization Human Rights Campaign, the nation has 53 percent of gay, bisexual and transgender people would conceal their true identity in the workplace.

91: 91% of enterprises in the “non-discriminatory regulations” in clear reference to the sexuality issue in Top 500, this proportion rose sharply compared with in 2002 61%and 17 years ago 5%.

1973: This year, Catherine • Graham act as “The Washington Post” CEO, as the first female CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises.

1999: This year, Franklin • Raines as Fannie Mae chief executive officer, as the first black CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises.

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