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Microsoft give up Windows? Win10 will be the last version of the Windows?

According to The Verge reports, recently held in Chicago Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft executives publicly called Windows10 will be the last Windows.

For this Microsoft executive’s speech, Microsoft spokesman did not deny that the future Windows will as software services, this is a new initiative for Windows software.

Analysts said, Windows10 will be the last major Windows that represents the Windows software package from the one-time sale to conventional online application service transformation. Windows software will not die, but every few years released a major new version of the practice, and the “version” will withdraw from the stage of history.

Microsoft CEO Nadella said, hope all Microsoft software users, can become the long-term pay subscribers users, rather than a one-time purchase software users.

In fact, since Microsoft announced Windows 10 free, there is the intention of speculation for Nadella do this thing. At present, Microsoft has launched a free Office software to Android and iOS users, also announced two modes free policy on Windows 8. For the upcoming Windows10, Microsoft announced the first year free upgrade after released.

Previously, Microsoft CEO Nadella and other executives, both on different occasions clearly expounded the transformation direction of Microsoft’s software business, namely the transition from the “software” to “software services”, more importantly, all software services will be turned into a “freemium” mode, namely the basic function of free use, advanced functions you need purchase.

Windows 10: Journalist called first concrete release date in summer

After we reported yesterday that Microsoft Windows 10 actually published in the summer, there is now a first suspected release date. According to the British journalist Tom Warret it could be July 29, 2015. That was at least been the plan that AMD has recently mentioned.

So slowly condense the information about the exact release of Windows 10. We had reported that Microsoft Windows 10 actually released for PC in the summer, now is the first concrete date in circulation. The British journalist Tom Warren to be the July 29, 2015. “Windows 10 release on 29 July? That was the plan from which AMD has spoken.” Said Warren via Twitter. “We’ll see if it comes so or not. Probably not.”

Sounds as if it were dealing with an interim appointment, compliance with Warren doubts. The rumor about a release in late July is certainly not new. Most recently AMD chief Lisa Su picked up the release date . You should have mentioned it in passing as part of a conference call on current financial figures.

Generally, it is unusual that Microsoft released an operating system in the summer. Although new versions of Windows last ever appeared in the fall, a summer release is now regarded as secured. Only the specific date is still pending. Appears Windows 10 actually already on 29 July, the operating system should now be almost ready.

New 4K movies hardware DRM for Windows 10


Who wants to continue to play 4K blockbusters, requires, and according to the Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 called hardware DRM. Windows 10 and encrypted graphics unit should be mandatory. AMD, Intel, NVidia and Qualcomm support the spoon-feeding.

From the public largely ignored Microsoft has a new Digital Rights Management called PlayReady 3.0 presented at the WinHEC Summit in March 2015 (.pptx). This is not a copy, but a content protection similar to the long cracked, first HDCP for Blu-ray movies. Microsoft’s new DRM is the favored solution for Hollywood studios, in order to protect their 4K content with PlayReady 3.0. Without them, the movie does not start or only with low quality.

PlayReady 3.0 is part of Windows 10, according to protected material presupposes the new Microsoft operating system. Also imperative is a security processor or a Trust Zone be, should run on, or a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) including keys. This can most current chips from AMD, ARM and Intel. Thus PlayReady should run on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones – it is the battery charge not. In addition to the processor, the graphics unit compressed and uncompressed data and its output must encrypt.

The video for the new DRM breaks just before Microsoft Nishanth Lingamneni responds to details of PlayReady 3.0, from. However, he mentions a computer restriction by the DRM – what should fold on the other hand, is a transfer via Miracast. For owners of older systems without Windows 10 and matching hardware PlayReady expected 3.0 mean that they can play no 4K material of certain Hollywood studios.

Remains to be seen whether, for example streaming providers such as Amazon and Netflix support the new DRM from summer 2015 or at least set initially to existing DRM technologies. Besides PlayReady 3.0 industry has opted for HDCP 2.2, which is part of the HDMI 2.0 specification.

Windows 10 mobile phone version first screen screenshot exposure

At present, Microsoft system update action seems to be somewhat slow, has been released for some time Windows 10 mobile phone version is not able to allow users to experience. Now finally have the media exposure Windows 10 mobile version of the firmware of the screenshots, first take a look at it.

windows 10 mobile phone version



This firmware version is Build10070, allegedly from the Samsung ATIV models, but the media said the firmware at present in the mobile phone is very unstable, there are a lot of bugs.

As you can see, under the 4 row of large icons (large screen models) condition, the Windows 10 mobile phone version beginning screen magnet distance between the screens has narrowed, the magnet becomes larger, more compact, and other basic style has not changed, still is a simple icon and a flat magnet. In addition, Windows 10 mobile phone version still support transparent magnetic stickers display wallpaper, but some default official application still does not support transparent display, such as games, HERE drive, Skype etc.. At the same time, we also found a new application of the “Word Preview”, it is possible that Microsoft’s upcoming general office applications.

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Windows 10 preview version maturity timetable exposure

Recently, early three versions of Microsoft Win10 technology preview version of 9841, 9860 and 9879 have expired, Microsoft advice still use these versions users to upgrade to the latest version, such as the Win10 preview version 10041 and 10049. Because of these versions are beta version, so their life is not long. Microsoft announced on Microsoft Community has now released Windows 10 preview maturity schedule, you can see the latest version can be used on October 15.

windows 10 preview version released time

As you can see, the first three versions cannot be launched in April 30. The three versions released this year will be received expiring prompt on September 17th, officially expires time is on October 1, after half a month, October 15, which is these versions will not be able to use time.

According to the latest news, Windows 10 official version will be coming in 2015 July. This is undoubtedly one of the most important events for about 3000000 using the Win10 preview version users. Since last October 1, the first Win10 preview version release, to October 1 this year, the Win10 preview version runs totally a year’s time, the majority of online users are very active to upgrade to the latest version of Win10 in the first time. However, from the current arrangement of view, for only some time to upgrade user, from the official release to preview version, the final maturity is about 3 months, should be enough to arrange the system update.

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