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Samsung set-back-box equipped with the AMD R APU to provide better image and save power for commercial electronic display board

On different areas, AMD continue to expand its product line and to provide comprehensive solutions, in addition to personal computers, tablets, game consoles, and the cloud server product line, recently AMD announced its embedded R series APU formally used for Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd, is now equipped with the latest Samsung Electronics launched machine back box (set – back – box; SBB) digital media player. The new Samsung SBB – B64DV4 combined with highly efficient, low power consumption, and integrated many other functions, strictly conform to the requirements of the electronic display board application, make SMART Signage Displays of Samsung electronic display board that could satisfy the requirement of broad business Omni-directional digital tools.


AMD embedded RX – 425 bb APU has highly efficient x86 CPU, under low power configuration, integrated independent drawing card AMD Radeon TM R6 GPU, limit heat to a minimum, meet a variety of strict requirements of power efficiency. RX – 425 bb APU processor using the latest AMD nextgen image architecture (Graphics Core Next; GCN), designed for advanced image parallel processing application and function.


AMD embedded R series APU with digital electronic display board back box media player, not only bring revolutionary high resolution image performance, and support multiple video streaming function, can also play on up to two monitors, and maintained excellent save electricity efficiency in the super miniature fuselage.

AMD global vice President Scott Aylor says: “digital electronic display board is one of the important AMD embedded development vertical markets. Through the AMD embedded R series APU, under the low power design, the digital electronic display board suppliers can get the perfect operation and image performance. AMD embedded solutions helps Samsung developers to get more aggressive airframe design specifications, and reduce overall system cost, at the same time provide rich multimedia function digital electronic display board for the customer.

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