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5 Ways to Download and Update Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Have you ever encounter problems such as not working Bluetooth, Bluetooth missing and no drivers to be found for peripheral devices when you are trying to upgrade your system from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10? These are the reminders that are telling you that you need to upgrade your latest Bluetooth drivers and keep them updated with your current system such as Windows 10.

Why/When it happened?

1. When you upgrade the system, the new system file may not contained the drivers that are right for your new system. Since there is a time difference between the release of the new system and the release of the drivers, not to mention drivers for device such as Bluetooth, which is not a mainstream device and Microsoft may be even put it in the system fie.

2. If your Bluetooth driver is supported by Windows 7 and Windows 8, then you will find it working just fine when you upgrade your system from Windows 7 to Windows 8. But when you try to upgrade your system from Windows 8 to Windows 10, you will find your Bluetooth not working since the Bluetooth drivers might not be supported by Windows 10. Therefore, you will need to update your Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers.

Top 5 solutions to help you fix unavailable Bluetooth problem on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

We know that to use your Bluetooth peripheral devices, first you need a Bluetooth driver to help your Bluetooth adapter connect to your computer.

Way 1: Fix no driver found for Bluetooth Peripheral Device on Windows 10

This is quite a normal problem on Windows 10 system which can also be fixed quite easily. In addition, you can solve all the Windows 10 update drivers problem at a time. This could count as an automatic solution for your Bluetooth drivers on Windows 10.

Fix it with Driver DR(Short for Driver Doctor). Use Driver Dr to scan your computer to see if the Bluetooth drivers are out of date, incompatible missing or there are some errors with them. Moreover, after the update or upgrade of your system, it can also help solve your problems as follows.

  • Automatically scan computer device to generate hardware information and driver information
  • Help to indentify hardware that cannot be detected or recognized by the system
  • Update and download Bluetooth drivers to make sure that they are compatible to Windows 10 system
  • Update other outdated drivers to make them fit with Windows 10 system

Please refer to the following guide step by step. This should be easy and efficient.

Step 1: Download and install this Bluetooth Drivers Updater on your computer.

Download Driver Doctor to fix Bluetooth drivers problem

Step 2: Run the “scan” function to allow the product to scan drivers on your computer.

Step 3: After the scan, recommended Bluetooth drivers for Windows 10 system will be shown on the interface. Click “download” to download and then update the needed driver(s).


After this, you can try transfer files, movies, photos from and to your computer and devices.

Way 2: Reset the Bluetooth device.

If you cannot find Bluetooth device, you can try to remove it and then connect it again.

1. Go to Start button, and click “Settings” and enter “Devices” to enter the devices list.

windows 10 devices interface
windows 10 devices interface

2. Choose devices that are not working and click “Remove Device”.

3. Click “Add a Bluetooth” and it will refresh the computer, press the reset button on the device.

4. Select “My device is set up and ready to be found” box and next.

5. When the Bluetooth device is found, select it, click “Next” and follow the rest of the wizard.

Note: Problem might not be solved every time you try this method. The system requires a further check of the “Device Manager” after it automatically install the Bluetooth. If an exclamation mark appears on the Bluetooth Adapter, that means you are having an incompatible problem, which means that you are going back to Way 1 to get your problem fixed.

Way 3: Search automatically for Update Bluetooth driver software

If your Bluetooth adapter is incompatible with the new system, try to use Microsoft to update drivers for you device automatically.

Single click on “Bluetooth peripheral device”, press the right key, choose “Properties”. Then choose “Driver”.


Choose “Update Driver”, then enter Microsoft automatically search for update driver software function. And the system will automatically help to search online the driver you need and then download it.

microsoft automatically search to update driver software
microsoft automatically update drivers

This method requires that your Internet connection is working just fine, otherwise, you will not be able to have access to the download page. Apart from that, only some but not all of the drivers’ incompatible problem can be solved. If your problem with your Bluetooth driver still persists, please go back to Way 1 and have a try of our product Driver Doctor.

Way 4: Bluetooth Driver Installer

You will need another tool to help you in this way. Bluetooth Driver Installer is a free Bluetooth drivers download and update software. You can download it from here: Bluetooth Driver Installer.

Tips: Because this software is a simple freeware, and it is not create system restore point, so you need to manually create system restore.

Way 5 is coming soon……

Online Security Threats in Business To Rise In 2016

Photo Credit: nikcname via Compfight cc

As the world becomes more mobile-reliant and tech-driven, digital threats become more powerful and smarter, especially by next year. In particular, businesses will be one of the top targets of various cyber threats and it seems they are not yet prepared for it.

According to a new research by Trust Marque, 87 percent of Chief information Officers admit having trouble managing online security threats until now. IT complexity due to the increased usage of cloud computing, big data, and software licensing made it more difficult for companies to fully secure their company data online.

But, leaders in business and government are now trying to understand and manage the growing cases of cyber security risks worldwide. Here are some of the Global State Information Security survey’s key findings:

• 91 percent follow a risk-based digital security framework
• 69 percent use cloud-based security services
• 59 percent maximizes Big Data to enhance their security
• 65 percent collaborates with other companies to develop and improve their security framework
• 54 percent have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in charge of their company’s information security program

What are the real threats by next year?
Nothing beats the prepared. By next year, businesses will have to be mindful of how they save and access data online. Various threats will arise as we become more reliant on technology and online resources. Here are some of the top cyber threats you should expect next year:

1. Public Wi-Fi will continue to be a common portal for attackers to gather data from mobile devices and laptops.

2. Cloud storage will be vital to businesses, but security will remain to be a common concern for many businesses.

3. Mobile malware in applications will continue to trouble users. This does not look good in terms of business, especially those who encourage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

4. Automobile hacking sounds scary, but could possibly come true next year. Cars are now connected to the internet to access apps like GPS, and your vehicle and personal information are also susceptible to cyber crimes.

5. Phishing will continue to affect those who access their emails regularly. Be mindful of emails that come with suspicious links. Anyone can easily access personal information and credit card information with just a click from an email.

6. CryptoWall is scary and it’s a new cyber crime that makes computers unusable until the owner pays the criminal who infected the computer. It might just attack mobile devices, too.

7. Wearables and health peripherals are not safe from cyber threats. Since these devices also receive personal information and often connects to smartphones, these health gadgets are not safe from any threats next year.

Biometric security will grow
Smartphones have become a vital tool for businesses and trends show that biometric security will continue to secure it in 2016. Today’s top mobile manufacturers such as Apple has incorporated the premium smartphones with latest mobile security technology in the form of a fingerprint scanner. Embedded on the Home button, O2 featured the new Touch Id with more accurate scanning feature, faster reading, and capture as much as 5 fingerprints (users). But, next year, a new mobile security technology will be introduced through iris scanning sensor.

In May, Fujitsu introduced the first iris scanning smartphone that works with its built in mobile payment system. It does not only secure the handset from any illegal purchases, but also from the unwanted unlocking of the device by unregistered users. But, is the iris scanning fool-proof? According to Make Use Of’s post, some eye-related conditions can alter the shape of the iris/retina and can cause problems later on in unlocking the device. If this is the next level of mobile security, then manufacturers should apply the two-way authentication procedure just in case the iris scanner does not work.

Challenges in security are inevitable in today’s modern world. Continuous mobile device usage will cause a major effect to the data security of businesses. But, so long as companies are prepared for what’s about to come, then nothing should stop these businesses from blossoming next year even with the impending cyber threats to come. To keep your business safe and secure, let the experts at DriveDr show you the right tool to keep your data and information secure from hackers and viruses.

A new study indicates Amazon employees are less satisfied with their work and life balance

According to a report released earlier this month by Kansas University, Amazon’s employees are less satisfied with their work and life balance than other technology companies, but for the work, they have a higher overall satisfaction.


The Kansas University has investigated 993 companies in various fields, they found that if the founders are still active in the company, employees on career satisfaction often is quite high. This group of data from the workplace web site in the 2012 to 2008 years to collect information.

Amazon’s overall satisfaction in the surveyed companies ranked 63, while Google ranked 3, apple ranked 7. The overall ranking covers the satisfaction of employees on corporate culture, job opportunities, salaries and benefits.

“Many organizations have formed a culture of hard work and high returns. From this point of view, Amazon is not unique.” Felix, a researcher at the Kansas University, said. Amazon did not comment.

But the balance between work and life, Amazon’s ranking has dropped significantly, only the 190th place. The company’s staff in this indicator give the average score of only 3.06 points (out of 5 points), big technology companies such as Google and Facebook scored higher.


Technology companies are competing for the few number of outstanding engineers, and thus launched a welfare war. From free catering to long-term pregnancy leave, these companies are aware of the high salary has been difficult to attract the best talent.

University of Kansas researchers concluded that by the founder of the company is more likely to enhance employee satisfaction. As Amazon founder Bezos Geoff (Bezos Jeff) is still the company CEO.

Amazon has recently been criticized for being too harsh on corporate culture. Earlier this month, “The New York times” said that Amazon’s staff will sometimes cry on the desk.

Samsung set-back-box equipped with the AMD R APU to provide better image and save power for commercial electronic display board

On different areas, AMD continue to expand its product line and to provide comprehensive solutions, in addition to personal computers, tablets, game consoles, and the cloud server product line, recently AMD announced its embedded R series APU formally used for Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd, is now equipped with the latest Samsung Electronics launched machine back box (set – back – box; SBB) digital media player. The new Samsung SBB – B64DV4 combined with highly efficient, low power consumption, and integrated many other functions, strictly conform to the requirements of the electronic display board application, make SMART Signage Displays of Samsung electronic display board that could satisfy the requirement of broad business Omni-directional digital tools.


AMD embedded RX – 425 bb APU has highly efficient x86 CPU, under low power configuration, integrated independent drawing card AMD Radeon TM R6 GPU, limit heat to a minimum, meet a variety of strict requirements of power efficiency. RX – 425 bb APU processor using the latest AMD nextgen image architecture (Graphics Core Next; GCN), designed for advanced image parallel processing application and function.


AMD embedded R series APU with digital electronic display board back box media player, not only bring revolutionary high resolution image performance, and support multiple video streaming function, can also play on up to two monitors, and maintained excellent save electricity efficiency in the super miniature fuselage.

AMD global vice President Scott Aylor says: “digital electronic display board is one of the important AMD embedded development vertical markets. Through the AMD embedded R series APU, under the low power design, the digital electronic display board suppliers can get the perfect operation and image performance. AMD embedded solutions helps Samsung developers to get more aggressive airframe design specifications, and reduce overall system cost, at the same time provide rich multimedia function digital electronic display board for the customer.

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Download Driver to Update Windows system

The File Name:

Support System: windows 8.1(64bit)

Published Manufacturers: ASUS

File Size: 34.3MB

Release Date: 2014/4/10

File Version: V1.0.0.1064

Related Keywords: Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface

Recommend Update software: Best Driver Updater

Download Address: