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HP official “separation”


HP has just officially announced that the company will split into two separate “Fortune 50” listed companies, were responsible for the PC and printer, enterprise hardware and services.

The former is called “Hewlett-Packard” (HP Inc), by existing personal systems business and printing business composition, still use the current LOGO logo.

HP’s PC and printer business executives Dion Weisler as CEO and president, HP chairman, president and CEO Meg Whitman as non-executive chairman.

Another company called “HP Enterprise” (HP Enterprise), by the enterprises technology infrastructure services, HP’s software business and services business component, will enable the new company image, dedicated servers, storage, networking, integration of systems, services and software business, and OpenStack Helion cloud platform.

Whitman served as president and CEO.

In other words, for ordinary consumers, HP is the HP, but the eyes of business users, HP has changed.

The split is expected will be completed before the end of 2015, HP shareholders will also have “HP Enterprise” and “Hewlett-Packard” stock. The spin-off will be completed by way of rights issue to shareholders tax-free.

Apple Mac worldwide shipments surged for the first time ranks among top five global PC

IDC released a report Wednesday, the third quarter of this year, Apple’s Mac worldwide shipments surge again, and this making the company ranks among global PC shipments in the top five the first time in history.



In the past, Apple’s shipments has been ranked the top five in the North American market. However, for low-cost Windows PC as the mainly consumer goods global market, Apple is the first among the five. IDC believes, Mac shipments global growth in the third quarter mainly due to “back to school season,” stimulate and drive. Students are more willing to buy MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Mac in some way become a symbol of the elite.

According to data released by IDC, Mac worldwide shipments in the third quarter of this year reached about 500 million units, an increase of 8.9%, accounting for 6.3% of the quarter for total global PC shipments. This achievement allows Apple to squeeze Asus, and the first among the world’s top five PC makers in history.

But it is worth mentioning that, due to the lack of partner Intel’s new processor support, Apple’s Mac product line had to be taken to upgrade the memory, storage space, as well as other strategies to further reduce the price to attract consumers. Among them, MacBook Air’s price is reduced to a minimum of only $ 899 – in one fell swoop hit the lowest in the history of Apple laptop product price levels.

The following are other PC manufacturers in the third quarter of this year shipments forecast performance:

First: Lenovo, the third-quarter shipments of 15.7 million units, up 11.2%, accounting for 20% of total global PC shipments, compared to 17.7 percent last year.

: HP, third quarter shipments of 14.7 million units, up 5.1 percent, accounting for 18.8% of total global PC shipments, compared to 17.5 percent last year. Download HP Drivers

Third: Dell, the third-quarter shipments of 10.4 million units, up 9.7 percent, accounting for 13.3% of total global PC shipments, compared to 11.9 percent last year.

Fourth: Acer, the third-quarter shipments of 6.6 million units, up 11.4%, accounting for 8.4% of total global PC shipments, compared to 7.4 percent last year.