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The First Windows 10 Mobile Phone Acer Jade Primo

In the just concluded IFA2015 show, Acer first released the first Windows 10 Mobile phone Jade Primo, positioning high-end.

In specific configuration, the machine is equipped with snapdragon 808 six core processor, with 5.5 inches supermodel display, 1080p resolution, provide a single 800 megapixel front facing camera and a 21 megapixel rear camera, and equipped with dual LED flash, and the rest of the configuration is not very clear.

The design of Jade, Primo positive receiver and back speakers are designed to round, relatively rare. The buttons are on the right side of the fuselage, the back with arc treatment, which narrowed to both sides. See from the picture, the border is very narrow.

Acer also said that the machine support complete continuum tablet mode, with a docking station, external display device, cell phone, and mouse almost can be transformed as a PC.

Needs to point out is that this phone is released after Windows 10 officially released, the following is the real machine high figure from GSMarena.








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8 GadgetPack let you relive 50 small desktop tools on Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a desktop tool in the Windows Vista system, including the clock, calendar, weather, currency conversion, CPU instrument panel and other practical functions. But because of the existence of security risks, Microsoft decided to let it “retirement” in 2012. However, if you want to continue using it in the Windows 8 / 8.1, or even Windows 10, there is a third party solutions – for example, this article will give you an introduction to the 8GadgetPack.


8 GadgetPack not only provides more than 50 kinds of desktop gadgets, but also without advertising and easy to install. If in the installing process jumping out one or two error tips, you can continue to ignore it.

Simply double-click or drag to put the required tools on the desktop. In addition, you can adjust the transparency and other parameters, all the feelings has no difference in the Vista and Windows 7.

8GadgetPack provides CPU, drive, network, process monitoring, calendar and email reminders, clock, puzzle, unit and currency conversion, as well as weather and Internet radio and other tools.

Microsoft released Apple Watch version of Outlook and real-time translator

Microsoft released a number of applications for wearable devices on Thursday. These new applications include Apple Watch version of Outlook, and Android Wear version of Microsoft translator. At the same time, Microsoft also released the existing wearable device application updates. Including Apple Watch version of Wunderlist, Yammer and Android Wear version of OneDrive and OneNote.


Microsoft hopes that their applications can get into all of the mainstream platforms. Yes, this includes new wearable devices. Microsoft said in its announcement: “wearable device is a new type of smart devices, it can always accompany you, and provide relevant personal reminders, through a simple, natural and transient interaction, to make your life more focused.”


Apple Watch version of Outlook allows you to quickly browse the message, and tracking real-time schedule. Like many other Apple Watch applications, the core of this application is to get the latest news. In your inbox, you can find new email and calendar reminders in time. You can also read an email and check out the next appointment.


Most importantly, the application allows users to browse and read the full text of the email on Apple Watch. Users can also file, delete, tag, or check later. Apple Watch version of Outlook also adds a quick reply feature, the function can provide a preset response, and users can also use voice to reply.

Microsoft Translator

Apple Watch and Android Wear version of Microsoft Translator can translate real-time voice into more than 50 languages. Users can set up the most commonly used language and prefabricated on the screen, and can browse the recent translation history.


This translator on the iPhone and Android phones associated application, allows you to manage your translation settings, and direct translation from the cell phone, thus increasing the ability to handle text translations. Microsoft said the app is part of Microsoft’s quest to translate into a wearable device.



Android Wear version of the OneDrive user experience has been improved. For example, adding a new OneDrive watch user interface. It can display the past 30 days of notice and photos, but also to ensure that you can always get the latest version of the shared file being edited.



Android Wear version of OneNote allows Android Wear watch fast recording user’s voice, and read the recent OneNote notes of the device. Now, you can also look at the screen to see the recent review of the notes.


Apple Watch version of Yammer is also about to release. Yammer is a corporate social networking service launched in September 2008. Yammer is not only a communication platform, but also including voting, chat, activities, links, themes, questions and answers, ideas, etc. Microsoft said Apple Watch version of Yammer will help users “on the most important dialogue and activities at a glance, and quickly take action, so the user at the end of the day, will find the completion of more things”. Users can also use the Glance function to get the latest Yammer news and notice. And be able to point praise, marking is not read, or see on the phone.

Apple released iOS 9 fifth beta version: join the WiFi phone capabilities

7 August morning news, Apple released IOS 9 third beta version for general users, and the fifth beta version for developers.


The difference between the two versions is that the former is ready for the general user, the current view only fixes bug, after measured, third party application flash back situation greatly reduced; the latter only developers account can use, version number is 13A4325c, iOS 9 developer beta added new wallpapers for foreign users, a large feature update is it supports AT&T WiFi phone calls.

Currently has been upgraded to iOS 9 users have been able to receive push, you can pass the wireless update; iOS 9 official version will be released this fall. Relative to the last version, it made some improvements to the active intelligence.

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Logitech’s first Type-C USB mobile hard drive

USB type-C interface is as an important selling point for the new generation MacBook, support USB type-C equipment has been relatively scarce, and Logitech has just launched a USB type-C mobile hard disk LHD-PBMU3MSV can help solve the problem.


Logitech LHD-PBMU3MSV is a dedicated mobile hard disk for Macbook, its Type-C USB interface conforms to USB 3.0 transmission specification, just matching with the new Macbook. Mobile hard disk appearance with the same Mac system silver color, support HFS+ file system, all equipped with Intel processors Mac products can be used. LHD-PBMU3MSV size is 79 x 116 x 15 mm, 160 grams, the weight of the volume into the MAC attachment is definitely not small, but Logitech provides very powerful anti-bruise ability: four corners of mobile hard disk use high impact of rubber material, inside is equipped with a fall from any angle can protect disk “shock proof rubber” technology, have very strong anti falls ability, conforms to the American military mil-std-810f 516.5 standard.

In order to be compatible with common USB devices, Logitech offers two ways of connecting to a mobile hard disk: a common Type-C USB cable, and a Type-A – > Type-C adapter. Currently 1TB and 2TB two versions has been listed on the sale, use 5400rpm drives. In addition, there are a WD red high reliability solutions version.