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Amtel MaXTouch controller helps ASUS Z300 Tablet


Global microcontroller (MCU) and touch technology solutions leader Atmel Company recently announced, asustek (ASUS) choose the Atmel maXTouch controller, used to drive The latest 10.1 inch Z300 tablet touch screen and active stylus. Asus 10.1 -inch Z300 tablet is equipped with the world’s first support active capacitance stylus on-cell touch screen, can provide users with accurate “pen” writing experience, enabling them to create more content on today’s digital devices. In addition, On-cell touch screen can help a new generation of mobile devices to realize the thinner design.

ASUS z300 tablet with the industry’s most advanced capacitive touch control pen ATMEL maXStylus mXTS220, it is only has the ability of anti-noise active stylus in this industry. It can work correctly in ultrathin on-cell stack of high noise environment. The tablet touch screen driveled by ATMEL maXTouchT series touch screen, the series pioneered the combination of mutual capacitance and self-capacitance dual mode sensor architecture to improve the performance. Even in the most demanding conditions, Atmel maXStylus and maXTouch can also through seamless integration, create a perfect user experience.

ATMEL touch Senior Product Marketing Manager shar Narasimhan said: “as the global market leading innovative provider of mobile devices, ASUS will continue to launch all kinds of excellent products to the market. ASUS for the their first 10.1-inch on-cell tablet equipped with ATMEL maxtouch controller and active capacitance touch control pen’s decision, further proved that we are the OEM helper launched all kinds of advanced digital products. ”

Hu Samson, ASUS vice president and general manager of mobile products division, said: “as a leading manufacturer of mobile equipment, our products only use world-class components. Atmel’s touch pen solution is the industry-leading stylus, so we can launch a thinner on-cell display stack, so as to create more elegant design and similar best active touch pen experience. We look forward to relying on Atmel intuitive man-machine interface to launch more advanced equipment.”

Logitech Anywhere MX 2 Wireless Office Mouse


At the end of March this year, Logitech formally launched a flagship wireless mouse, MX Master, this mouse with creative roller design, ergonomics, Bluetooth and 2.4 G dual mode etc, won the praise of consumers.

Subsequently Logitech has launched a flagship Office Mouse MX Anywhere 2, this mouse is called Master MX wireless mouse mini portable version.

Different from the Logitech Anywhere MX, the MX anywhere 2 mouse do not have assertive body design, it has more smooth side and a more traditional symmetrical appearance, but it also has a similar MX master thumb rest area, but there is no extra roller. Also because of this design, Logitech MX Anywhere 2 wireless mouse comfort level is not good than MX master, however, 106 grams of body weight makes this mouse with very good portability.

Also due to the adoption of the darkfield unbounded laser sensor’s sake, MX anywhere 2 and MX master can track in any mobile on the surface, including the glass. The wireless mouse support the highest 1600DPI, the process of the clicks is very high accuracy.

It is worth mentioning that logitech is match to the new mouse capacity is 500 mAh lithium-ion battery, a single charge can achieve 60 days duration, the same capacity of MX Master can only maintain equipment to work normally 40 days.

In addition, Logitech Anywhere MX 2 can also be connected with the Windows or Mac computer through Bluetooth, Pico Unifying Receiver, and this is the same as Master MX. And in the Bluetooth mode, Easy-Switch on Anywhere 2 will realize the functions between the notebooks, desktop or tablet PC, users do not have to waste time repeatedly connected devices.

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Latest RAZER launched a small keyboard RAZER BLACKWIDOW TOURNAMENT Edition CHROMA, the small and portable as selling point, use 87Key design and added RAZER self-developed mechanical, provide the best game and percussion experience, and joined the CHROMA color, with a variety of different color evolution, with recorded Marco key combination, is the gamers “essential tool.”

The new RAZER BLACKWIDOW TOURNAMENT EDITION CHROMA, is the upgrade version for the old BLACKWIDOW TOURNAMENT model, with the packing together with a hard body protection bag, can use this keyboard at any time at home, get the best performance, suitable for all the game master.

Case of the keyboard and keycap are with fog face design, makes more sense on the vision, letter surface also specially handled to prevent erased and rejection of color. To let users have a better sense of the operation, RAZER especially for each bond placement using different arc, to meet with finger tapping point of view, more convenient in operation, and can be mistakenly hit the reduction.

BLACKWIDOW TOURNAMENT EDITION CHROMA bottom is provided with 5 non slip rubber mat, in the stimulation of the game without fear of keyboard will not stop forward slip, also the used to adjust the height of support ring is also equipped with antiskid processing, manufacturing industry is nuanced, opened the adjustment of the height of the supporting fastener, the keyboard is increased by approximately 15 mm, depending on the preferences and decide opening or closing.

Keyboard though restricted in shape design, cannot add various function keys, but BLACKWIDOW TOURNAMENT EDITION CHROMA add the volume adjustment and control of multimedia function to the F1 – F8, with FN can act like computers. In addition F9 -F10 provides Marco Key, Game Mode, keyboard brightness adjustment function, all keys full play.

Marco Key allows players to simply operate through the giant set to any key inside the keyboard. Just press the FN + F9 to enter the recording mode, in F9 flash players used to sequentially press want to record keystrokes, after the completion, press FN + F9 storage, and select the burn to keys, such as “Q”. After recording before long press FN + Q key combination can call out the order. No computer or software, that is, the record is used, in the game can get advantages.

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Windows 10 Will be released at the end of July?

windows 10 released time rumors

What is the exactly time that Windows 10 released? Microsoft previously only vaguely said that this summer, May Microsoft hasn’t been decided, or don’t want to tell you, but Microsoft got himself, but can’t hold his teammates.

AMD CEO Lisa Su recently in the quarterly meeting said such a words: “we should also consider is that Windows 10 will be released at the end of July, and we are observing the effect on the back-to-school season market.”

Interestingly, AMD seems to be used to reveal the secret of Microsoft before, had questions about DX12 operating system support, for example, AMD is sold says it does not support Windows 7, then had to hurriedly rumors, the results confirmed that it was so happened – DX12 will be Windows 10 patents.

Now, AMD big boss to do so in such a formal occasion, credibility is very high, but it is still questionable, because we don’t know here are distributed to manufacturers of RTM release time, or the new system and the hardware overall time to market. The latter possibility is larger.

The spread of the argument is, Windows 10 RTM version release will be completed in June, comprehensive public in August. AMD’s statement was consistent with the basic and Microsoft seems to speed up again – the earliest said late summer or early autumn will be released.

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Microsoft has promised Lumia new products can upgrade to Windows 10

lumia 640

Lumia’s new 640 and 640XL are officially landed in China market. Microsoft said that these two high cost-effective smartphone will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 operating system later this year.

Currently, these two products is equipped with an upgraded version of WP9.1 operating system and Lumia Denim update. Microsoft stressed that after upgrading to Windows 10, users can achieve a more seamless user experience on different devices.

In fact, Microsoft is not just provide a unified operation in the operating system level. In providing Office 365 Personal Edition one year free to use, at the same time, Microsoft announced that, under the rules of related sales, the user can on a PC and a tablet PC synchronization using the latest Microsoft Office applications, and get a full experience.

Not only that, Microsoft has provided a 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage capacity, in order to meet the majority of users of daily storage requirements.

According to the mobile phone itself, the parameters provided by Microsoft shows, the two products Lumia 640 and Lumia 640XL will support TD-LTE and FDD-LTE dual card dual standby, and stressed that it has the very high cost performance.