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Google launched home WiFi router OnHub

Google launched a WiFi Router on Tuesday. This will further strengthen Google Internet home business, attract more users to use its services.


Google’s home WiFi router called OnHub. The reservation price on Google’s online store, Amazon and WAL-MART are $199.99. Google said in the blog, the router’s built-in antenna can scan the wireless communication environment, thus can create the fastest connection.

Through this router, the user will be able to sort the device’s priority, so provide the fastest speed to transmit data volume of activities, such as the content download and streaming movie playback. This router can also be associated with Google’s ON application. Through this application, users can check the network, and track bandwidth use. At present, this application has launched the iOS and Android version.

Google said that OnHub can automatically upgrade, so as to get the latest features and security patches. This upgrade is similar to the Android system and the Chrome browser.

The router is produced by TP-Link. But Google has hinted that ASUS may become the second manufacturer.


Recently Google carried out a restructuring, established the Umbrella Company Alphabet, so as to better develop the unmanned vehicles and other emerging business. Internet home is one of the new business. Last year, Google acquired intelligent thermostat manufacturer Nest at a price of $32 billion, hope to become a leader in Internet home market.

Market research firm IDC released a report in June 2015, the global Internet of things market size will reach $1.7 by 2020. These science and technology company such as Intel, Cisco and Samsung, and Vodafone and Verizon telecom operators recently is vigorously developing Internet home business, and think this business is an important source of revenue and profit in the future. In some cities of the United States, Google also provides high speed internet access services Google fiber. In addition, Google is also trying to improve the Internet coverage by balloon Internet Project “Project Loon”.

Google Will Release $50 Price Android One Mobile Phone

Android One is Google’s last year plan, which aims to make the Android system cover more developing countries. In order to achieve this goal, Google has teamed up with many OEM partners to create a number of highly competitive models. Google Anandan Rajan, head of Southeast Asia, said the company will launch a new program for Android One in the coming weeks, the goal is to launch $50 price smart phone.


$50 is already quite close to the price of these markets mobile phones from $20 to $30, which will help Google get the next batch of 1000000000 users. Although Google does not produce Android One hardware, but for those OEM partners Google has already set up the hardware standards. Google will be able to control the hardware specifications and software experience.


Anandan Rajan told to the financial times, although the Android One had previously been less than previously expected, but for this project Google is still very firm, the company will release a number of new Android One mobile phone in the next few months.

YouTube will launch free subscription version service at the end of 2015


In April 9th, Google’s video site YouTube plans to launch the subscription version in this year, so that users can see the video content with no advertising.

On Wednesday, Google in the send video producer e-mail said, obtained through a subscription service revenue, will share with the video producer. Launched subscription version of the video service, will also make Google and streaming video service provider Netflix, Hulu launched a more direct confrontation. According to sources, Google will launch a subscription version of the YouTube service at the end of the year.

Google said in an e-mail, “With this new service, we will create a new source of income, it will add our rapid growth advertising service.” Google has been accelerated to fee to the users. In November last year, Google launched a subscription music service in the YouTube, and invested to the talent and the studio for hundreds millions of dollars, in order to improve the quality of the original content for YouTube. At present, YouTube monthly independent access users has more than 1000000000. Launched with no advertising subscription version of the service, also let Google and HBO etc. streaming video service to compete more directly.

In a statement on Wednesday, YouTube said, “we can’t comment on the ongoing discussion. But provide more choice to enjoy their favorite content creation to the fans, and to offer more opportunity to earn income to the video provider, is always our top priority.” YouTube did not disclose the subscription version of the service launched time.
According to the Google e-mail information, YouTube launched ad version of the video, at the same time, will also launch the same video content with no advertising version for the subscription fee users. Google advance notice this message to the content producers, is hope that they will be able to agree new terms.

BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield said, “We are moving into an era that a consumer is learning how to avoid advertising. First Netflix, then the Amazon, we are gradually to learn how to enter a life without advertisements.”

Launched subscription version of the YouTube service, also shows that Google is trying to make the transformation, hope more revenue is not from advertising. Currently, YouTube users have been able to lease or purchase “star crossed”, “The Interview ” film from the website. In 2013, YouTube launched a pay channel for high quality content. Before five months, YouTube launched the beta version of Music Key music subscription service, pay $10 monthly subscription fee of users will be able to listen to the content of music without advertising.

YouTube is facing more and more competition from streaming video. Netflix monthly fee is at $8 to $12, and now has 57400000 subscribers, has launched the “house of cards” and a series of original series. According to network management tools Sandvine statistical data shows, the second half of 2014, the YouTube North American prime time broadcast streaming media traffic share has dropped to 14%, lower than the same period 19% last year.

Network video production company Defy Media CEO Keith Richman said, “Every move YouTube improved revenue generation selection, will bring huge benefits to content production people. I have full confidence in the ability of YouTube to develop the subscription products. The role of YouTube in the market is very strong, it is difficult for me to believe that the YouTube subscription service to fail.”

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Google released the latest computer ChromeBit: Only USB disk size
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Google released the latest computer ChromeBit: Only USB disk size


The size of Google’s latest computer ChromeBit just as USB disk and sprays, ChromeBit may be the world’s smallest computer, it will be available in the summer.

The computer is made by Asus, ChromeBit is a miniature version of the Chromebook. Chromebit has no monitor, no keyboard or power, but once it is inserted into the monitor’s USB or video input port, and accompanied by a keyboard, it will give the user a complete Chrome OS experience.


For ChromeBit, the size will not need to be too exaggerated narrative, and it’s probably only one inch size, a little than longer the average USB Disk, when people see it, certainly did not believe it would be a computer. It is configured with 2GB memory, 16GB hard drive, and the 3288 Rockchip processor, supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, compared to traditional computer, it’s easy to carry and convenience will be the selling point.

Google wants to popularize Chrome OS, ChromeBit emergence will meet the needs of user convenience and low prices, and will challenge the traditional laptop market. The core concept of ChromeBit is work anywhere, which allows users works in the coffee shop, the hotel reception, or at home, what is needed is just a monitor and a keyboard, and the price is less than 100 dollars.


Currently, in the education market, the prospects of Chromebit is well, one reason is in the education market widely used Chromebook, the other is its friendly price will make not sufficient schools to replace for those antique computers.