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Yosemite penetration rate of 12.8% in the first week slightly over Mavericks


According to technology blog Re / code reports, new generation of Apple Mac computer system OS X Yosemite rapid growth after the launch, benefited from the system during the test phase is still in its opening decision. After the formal launch of the first week, Yosemite penetration rate of 12.8%, slightly over the same period of the Mavericks 12.4%.

According to the online advertising network Chitika’s market research firm Chitika Insights’s latest study, Yosemite official version released on the first day, the proportion of the total traffic on the Mac network in North America, more than 1 percent, over the same period the performance of previous generations of systems twice.


“Yosemite started slightly ahead Mavericks, probably because Apple first introduced the public beta program.” Chitika Insights market analyst Andrew • Webber said.

Chitika’s data showed that the test plan to bring improvement is short-lived: after a week, OS X Yosemite and the Mavericks in the official launch of the penetration rate is almost the same. Chitika is obtained that the popularity of data in accordance with its network of ad impressions.

Apple offers its operating system free, apparently helps consumers to upgrade their computer systems to accelerate the speed. Data from Chitika is evident. Prior studies have shown that the popularity of costs Mountain Lion system speed was relatively slowly, although Apple did it just a nominal charge $ 19.99 fee.

Consumers quickly embraced the new system version, will be very beneficial for the tech giant Cupertino – especially Yosemite, the system can be driven well with Apple’s iPhone and iPad iOS 8 operating system integration, giving consumers consistent and convenient experience.

Behind this goal is to create a mutually synergistic integration of a large family of Apple products (and further the user is locked in its own among ecosystems, prevent users turn to a competitor’s product).

Apple has not yet announced Yosemite download data, but according to Apple executives said in the earnings conference call, Mac computer sales hit a record in the three quarter. In the quarter ended in September, Macintosh computers recorded revenue of $ 6.6 billion, an increase of 18%, and this achievement is in the whole PC market under stagnant.

Apple officially launched iOS 8.1 system update turned on Apple Pay function

In the U.S. EST 13:00 punctual Apple release iOS 8.1 system update. The update will open this year’s heavy head of Apple products Apple Pay payment system – the system through the Touch ID fingerprint authentication and NFC (Near Field Communication) to simplify the payment operations, currently the United States has more than 220,000 retail stores has confirmed support the technology.
In addition, iOS 8.1 update also fixes some of the photos and the function and HealthKit background data processing performance. The following is the official Apple system update for the content of this description:
“Photograph” of the new features, feature enhancements and bug fixes
– New beta version of “iCloud Photo Gallery”
– When the “iCloud Photo Gallery” is not enabled, “photograph” application can add “Camera Roll” and “My Photo Stream” album
– Delay before shooting the video, you can remind lack of space
• “Information” of the new features, feature enhancements and bug fixes
– IPhone users can now use the iPad and Mac receive SMS and MMS
– To solve the problem of the search results may not be displayed
– Fixed a bug causing read the information can not be marked as read
– Fixed some problems sending information
• solve the Wi-Fi performance issues when connecting to some base stations, may occur
• Fix the problem lead to connect a Bluetooth hands-free devices
• Fixed a possible cause of the problem can not rotate the screen
• Added new option, you can choose 2G, 3G or LTE cellular data network
• Fix the Safari problems sometimes can not play video
• Added support for Passbook voucher AirDrop
• Added new option, without setting from Siri, directly in “Settings” in the “Keyboard” in a separate enable the “dictation” feature
HealthKit application can access data in the background
• “Accessibility” feature improvements and bug fixes
– Repair the cause “guided visit” does not work problem
– Fixed VoiceOver cannot use the keyboard problem with third-party
– To promote the stability and quality iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with MFi when used in conjunction with a hearing aid
– Fixed VoiceOver audio dialing, dial the next number of issues before the audio cannot be stopped
– Enhanced when using VoiceOver, handwritten input, Bluetooth keyboard and Braille display reliability
• Fix the cause cannot be used to update the cache server OS X iOS problem
* Some features are not available in all countries and regions are available.

iMac experience: 5K screen visual ultimate enjoyment


Apple iMac’s Retina 5K screen is very shocking. More to the metamorphosis of pixel and incredible resolution produce such amazing results were not surprising.

When you see the picture on the display, in general, you will stare dumbfounded 10 seconds. 5K display for viewing distance has no requirements. The picture below is obtained from the conference, you can download these pictures for viewing.
Pay particular attention to is the gorgeous Paris night, the tone is very bright, the transition is not distorted. You can see all the architectural details, as long as your eyes by nearly enough. See the famous Arc de Triomphe it? This is not zoom effect! Camera directly to the computer screen just obtained. In other words, it is your normal viewing, crazy 5K panel!

Unfortunately, did not get any chance in the new iMac editing photos or videos, but I can imagine that those professionals will have much help: You can see this so many details, so many colors, without using the mouse zoom or pan. You simply move the eye, you can get all you want.

In addition, the same madness that Apple made ​​ is iMac pricing for this incredible $ 2,499. The market should not find more cost-effective product.