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Apple issued a formal invitation: March 9 launches product


Apple issued a formal invitation to the media on Thursday, will be held on product launch March 9 in San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts). The conference is likely to be the protagonist of the long-awaited Apple Watch smart watches.

Apple invitation only says “Spring forward” (before spring line) phrase – when on March 8 this day the United States will enter the daylight, Apple invitations content or implied, the new products will be related to time, that Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tim • Cook had previously said the Apple Watch would be on sale at this year in April. The device debuted in October last year, and it will be the focus of Apple’s products the new year.

Currently, the market has not mastered any specific information of Apple Watch. A key indicator of investors and users widely concern is the battery life of the device. Earlier reports said, Apple Watch’s battery life is only 2.5 hours. If so, this would have a negative impact on the sales of this product.

Apple Watch will have multiple versions of different materials. Aluminum base Sport (Sport) is expected to sell for $ 350. Apple also mentioned gold material ultra-luxury version earlier. To tie in the new product line on sale, Apple even redesigned the retail stores layout to enhance the consumer experience.

In addition of Apple Watch, the new design of the MacBook Air and re-packaged Beats Music online music service will be the focus of attention. According to earlier rumors that Apple will launch 12 inches MacBook Air, and stressed that more light and a single interface design. The new Beats Music will be fully integrated into Apple’s current products, and offer more attractive price and service than its competitors such as Spotify.

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Apple employees dedicated iOS applications: 12 Secret iPhone Apps


Currently Apple’s AppStore has nearly 1.3 million models of software applications, from the media player, music streaming, communications to e-mail, calendar and news application. As long as you can think of applications related everyday life, basically can be found in the Apple App Store. However, there are a lot of people do not know that there are some “special for” The iOS app will not appear in the App Store, because only Apple employees are eligible to use them.


After hacker in-depth study on the iOS code, and some accidental exposure incident, the media are now listed only iOS app Apple employees can use – General iOS users cannot search for these applications in the App Store. The media said that these “special for” application basically Apple employees used to track user data, check App Store internal environment or is testing the game stability and so on.



At present, these have been found to be Apple employees dedicated application, a total of 12, they are:








The Daily Download

Red Zone Mobile




iOS 8 share of 56%: increase of four percentage points from two weeks


US technology media AppleInsider reports, Apple developer page content showed until November 10, registered in the App Store for iOS devices, there are 56% has been upgraded to iOS 8, and iOS 7 devices are accounted for 40 %.

According to the first few weeks of data, the rate of adoption of iOS 8 after a brief setback back on track after last month’s. On October 27 show penetration iOS 8 to 52 percent, it said in recent weeks increased 4 percentage points, while in the three weeks and then move forward, the penetration iOS 8 also increased by five percentage points.

Apple officially push iOS 8 upgrade package to users in September 17, after the initial boom upgrade to early October there has been stagnation, then its penetration grew only 1 percent within two weeks. There were many old customers did not choose to upgrade after seeing iOS on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus appears cellular networks and Touch ID aspect of the Bug.

The latest iOS version iOS 8.1, new features including Apple Pay and iCloud photo gallery those applicable to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Meanwhile Apple is still continuing in fixing iOS 8 Bug and improving performance, the future will be launched iOS 8.1.1 update package.

Analysts said Apple’s monopoly on the smartphone market 86% of the profits


Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley released a report to investors on Tuesday, according to its most recent market survey found that Apple’s monopoly on the smartphone market estimates about 86 percent of the profits, the result is quite amazing.

In contrast, as the largest competitor in the smart phone market for Apple, Samsung received only 18 percent of the industry’s profits – and this achievement is the worst time of the company since 2011.

Apple and Samsung combined profits in excess of 100%, this is because the other competitors in the industry, such as Motorola and Microsoft, continues to losses in. In fact, in addition to Apple and Samsung, the only one to achieve a positive growth of corporate profits in the third quarter is LG Electronics. Walkley’s report shows that the company’s third-quarter profit market share of 2%.

HTC and Blackberry profit account for 0% of the total industry, the two companies are in the breakeven line. In addition, Motorola was the $ 185 million loss in the third quarter, accounting for 2% of the total; Microsoft expects a loss of $ 341 million, accounting for 4% of total industry profits.

The smart phone market, the third quarter profit fell 17.3 percent compared with last year.

Walkley, made ​​it clear that due to lack of substance of the relevant sales and profit data, the report did not contain now being busy growth Chinese smartphone brands.

In October this year Walkley conducted a series of questionnaires for the US iPhone sales 6/6 Plus. The results showed the presence of four major US carriers are hot buying iPhone 6/6 Plus, and most consumers tend to buy higher-capacity models – which means that Apple’s average selling price in the fourth quarter will be increased.

“We believe Apple is experiencing an influx of iPhone 6 upgrade historic, which includes both the iPhone upgrade of the old models, but also from the Android camp to switch over the high-end users.” Walkley said, “We believe that these trends will well reflected in Apple’s fourth quarter on strong sales data.”

Cook is the first openly gay CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises


After Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly acknowledged that he is gay, the “Fortune” magazine were re-analyzed to ” Leaders of Global 500 ” on Thursday, and found the following interesting data and facts:

500 companies in the world,
1: Cookis the firstpublicly acknowledgedGay CEO,is currently the onlyonedisclosed inthe”gay CEO”.

5: 5 black CEO in total of Top 500. Donald Thompson who is appointed by McDonald’s in 2012 is the fifth black CEO.

19: According to the information provided by Freedom to Marry, total 19 countries worldwide currently recognize gay marriage validity, legality from the law.

20: According to the World Economic Forum’s 2014 Global Gender Gap Index display, Benign status of equality in the United States ranked No. 20.

27: total 27 female CEO in Top 500. AMD recently appointed Lisa Su Dr. is the 27 women CEO.

29: According to the American Civil Liberties Union constitution, the United States has 29 states can legally because someone is homosexual and to fire him.

53: According to the data provided by human rights organization Human Rights Campaign, the nation has 53 percent of gay, bisexual and transgender people would conceal their true identity in the workplace.

91: 91% of enterprises in the “non-discriminatory regulations” in clear reference to the sexuality issue in Top 500, this proportion rose sharply compared with in 2002 61%and 17 years ago 5%.

1973: This year, Catherine • Graham act as “The Washington Post” CEO, as the first female CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises.

1999: This year, Franklin • Raines as Fannie Mae chief executive officer, as the first black CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises.