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Apple Watch Sapphire screen produced by Russia

The scratch-resistant sapphire glass for Apple Watch have now confirmed is provided by the Monocrystal Company from Russia.


According to reports from News Sputnik, News reported that most Monocrystal company in last year’s total revenue of $87 million. At the same time, combined with the rouble devaluation, oil prices fell sharply, and because of the situation in Ukraine are affected by economic sanctions, so Monocrystal becomes more competitive in the market.

This Report said that on the Apple Watch, main use the Monocrystal 2 inches of sapphire chip, accounting for 40% of the total production of the Monocrystal, in the end of this year, the monthly production is expected to increase from the original 4 million to 5 million.

So far Apple did not publish Apple Watch sales official, but said Apple’s first watch get a great success, but did not disclose the specific amount of sales and revenue. Analysts pointed out that as June of this year, Apple Watch’s sales volume in 2000000 to 4200000 units.

Apple previously chosen sapphire glass supplier is from the United States of the GT Advanced Technologies, the company factory is located in the city of Mesa, Arizona, in the United States. And then the company due to improper operation and the management problems of bankruptcy, lead to apple finally chose Russia Monocrystal become its sapphire glass screen suppliers.

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Apple released iOS 9 fifth beta version: join the WiFi phone capabilities

7 August morning news, Apple released IOS 9 third beta version for general users, and the fifth beta version for developers.


The difference between the two versions is that the former is ready for the general user, the current view only fixes bug, after measured, third party application flash back situation greatly reduced; the latter only developers account can use, version number is 13A4325c, iOS 9 developer beta added new wallpapers for foreign users, a large feature update is it supports AT&T WiFi phone calls.

Currently has been upgraded to iOS 9 users have been able to receive push, you can pass the wireless update; iOS 9 official version will be released this fall. Relative to the last version, it made some improvements to the active intelligence.

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Apple Watch new patent handshake will be able to exchange data

Considering the smart watch screen area is very limited, if you want to exchange data between devices, is not a very convenient thing. Apple has its own ideas,in its new application for a patent, it is proposed a new technology based on motion sensor. In simple terms, using the technology of wearable devices (for Apple is that Apple Watch) the wearer to shake hands, bow or the action such as punch, automatically through the wireless way to exchange data. Users without even touching the screen with your fingers, which can obviously reduce the inconvenience.


Of course, you can also use different movements, the degree of intimacy with each other, to determine the range of data transmission, for example, first met two men shake hands, exchange could just contact information. If higher intimacy, even can exchange pictures, audio, and related applications (or including games, anime and SNS) contact information, etc.

At all, of course, we’re not sure whether apple will eventually add such function to their products, but it feels like, this will be very convenient.

Apple issued a formal invitation: March 9 launches product


Apple issued a formal invitation to the media on Thursday, will be held on product launch March 9 in San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts). The conference is likely to be the protagonist of the long-awaited Apple Watch smart watches.

Apple invitation only says “Spring forward” (before spring line) phrase – when on March 8 this day the United States will enter the daylight, Apple invitations content or implied, the new products will be related to time, that Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tim • Cook had previously said the Apple Watch would be on sale at this year in April. The device debuted in October last year, and it will be the focus of Apple’s products the new year.

Currently, the market has not mastered any specific information of Apple Watch. A key indicator of investors and users widely concern is the battery life of the device. Earlier reports said, Apple Watch’s battery life is only 2.5 hours. If so, this would have a negative impact on the sales of this product.

Apple Watch will have multiple versions of different materials. Aluminum base Sport (Sport) is expected to sell for $ 350. Apple also mentioned gold material ultra-luxury version earlier. To tie in the new product line on sale, Apple even redesigned the retail stores layout to enhance the consumer experience.

In addition of Apple Watch, the new design of the MacBook Air and re-packaged Beats Music online music service will be the focus of attention. According to earlier rumors that Apple will launch 12 inches MacBook Air, and stressed that more light and a single interface design. The new Beats Music will be fully integrated into Apple’s current products, and offer more attractive price and service than its competitors such as Spotify.

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Apple employees dedicated iOS applications: 12 Secret iPhone Apps


Currently Apple’s AppStore has nearly 1.3 million models of software applications, from the media player, music streaming, communications to e-mail, calendar and news application. As long as you can think of applications related everyday life, basically can be found in the Apple App Store. However, there are a lot of people do not know that there are some “special for” The iOS app will not appear in the App Store, because only Apple employees are eligible to use them.


After hacker in-depth study on the iOS code, and some accidental exposure incident, the media are now listed only iOS app Apple employees can use – General iOS users cannot search for these applications in the App Store. The media said that these “special for” application basically Apple employees used to track user data, check App Store internal environment or is testing the game stability and so on.



At present, these have been found to be Apple employees dedicated application, a total of 12, they are:








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