Amtel MaXTouch controller helps ASUS Z300 Tablet


Global microcontroller (MCU) and touch technology solutions leader Atmel Company recently announced, asustek (ASUS) choose the Atmel maXTouch controller, used to drive The latest 10.1 inch Z300 tablet touch screen and active stylus. Asus 10.1 -inch Z300 tablet is equipped with the world’s first support active capacitance stylus on-cell touch screen, can provide users with accurate “pen” writing experience, enabling them to create more content on today’s digital devices. In addition, On-cell touch screen can help a new generation of mobile devices to realize the thinner design.

ASUS z300 tablet with the industry’s most advanced capacitive touch control pen ATMEL maXStylus mXTS220, it is only has the ability of anti-noise active stylus in this industry. It can work correctly in ultrathin on-cell stack of high noise environment. The tablet touch screen driveled by ATMEL maXTouchT series touch screen, the series pioneered the combination of mutual capacitance and self-capacitance dual mode sensor architecture to improve the performance. Even in the most demanding conditions, Atmel maXStylus and maXTouch can also through seamless integration, create a perfect user experience.

ATMEL touch Senior Product Marketing Manager shar Narasimhan said: “as the global market leading innovative provider of mobile devices, ASUS will continue to launch all kinds of excellent products to the market. ASUS for the their first 10.1-inch on-cell tablet equipped with ATMEL maxtouch controller and active capacitance touch control pen’s decision, further proved that we are the OEM helper launched all kinds of advanced digital products. ”

Hu Samson, ASUS vice president and general manager of mobile products division, said: “as a leading manufacturer of mobile equipment, our products only use world-class components. Atmel’s touch pen solution is the industry-leading stylus, so we can launch a thinner on-cell display stack, so as to create more elegant design and similar best active touch pen experience. We look forward to relying on Atmel intuitive man-machine interface to launch more advanced equipment.”

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