Windows 10 users close to Windows 8.1 Free Upgrade is the main reason


If you have been paying attention to windows 10 news, you probably already know it installed number is between 81 million to 100 million currently, not to mention 7 million is actively testing Windows 10 new version. But even in such a crazy pace, the market share of Windows 10 challenges Windows 7 is still a long time, but for Windows 8.1, it seems that it will not be used for too long.

According to AdDuplex released the latest statistics today, it shows that Windows 10 is rapidly eroding the market share of Windows 8.1. The survey shows that when combined with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 PC and flat panel data, Windows 10 has accounted for 39% of these devices, while Windows 8.1 is 61%.


These data also include devices running Windows RT, they cannot not be upgraded to Windows 10. AdDuplex says after removing Windows RT data, the data show that Windows 10 has a greater share of 41.2%, while Windows 8.1 accounts for 58.8%.


AdDuplex is an organization that runs Windows Phone and Windows app store applications. The latest statistics come from running the company’s ad SDK 173 Windows 8.1 apps and rule out the impact of Windows8.0 (because SDK does not support Windows8.0). AdDuplex pointed out that some of the Windows 10 is installed on the Windows 7 upgrade, or may be pre-installed on a new PC or tablet. Due to the free upgrade provided by Microsoft, the installation of Windows 10 will be further increased.

The First Windows 10 Mobile Phone Acer Jade Primo

In the just concluded IFA2015 show, Acer first released the first Windows 10 Mobile phone Jade Primo, positioning high-end.

In specific configuration, the machine is equipped with snapdragon 808 six core processor, with 5.5 inches supermodel display, 1080p resolution, provide a single 800 megapixel front facing camera and a 21 megapixel rear camera, and equipped with dual LED flash, and the rest of the configuration is not very clear.

The design of Jade, Primo positive receiver and back speakers are designed to round, relatively rare. The buttons are on the right side of the fuselage, the back with arc treatment, which narrowed to both sides. See from the picture, the border is very narrow.

Acer also said that the machine support complete continuum tablet mode, with a docking station, external display device, cell phone, and mouse almost can be transformed as a PC.

Needs to point out is that this phone is released after Windows 10 officially released, the following is the real machine high figure from GSMarena.








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8 GadgetPack let you relive 50 small desktop tools on Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a desktop tool in the Windows Vista system, including the clock, calendar, weather, currency conversion, CPU instrument panel and other practical functions. But because of the existence of security risks, Microsoft decided to let it “retirement” in 2012. However, if you want to continue using it in the Windows 8 / 8.1, or even Windows 10, there is a third party solutions – for example, this article will give you an introduction to the 8GadgetPack.


8 GadgetPack not only provides more than 50 kinds of desktop gadgets, but also without advertising and easy to install. If in the installing process jumping out one or two error tips, you can continue to ignore it.

Simply double-click or drag to put the required tools on the desktop. In addition, you can adjust the transparency and other parameters, all the feelings has no difference in the Vista and Windows 7.

8GadgetPack provides CPU, drive, network, process monitoring, calendar and email reminders, clock, puzzle, unit and currency conversion, as well as weather and Internet radio and other tools.