Windows 10 enterprise version installed capacity reached 1.5 million

Released one month, Microsoft officially announced the global Windows 10 installed capacity has exceeded 75 million, and with a very scary number continues to grow every day. Today Microsoft held a media conference at its headquarters, in the interactive with the technology editor, Microsoft disclosed in these 75 million devices have more than 1.5 million running enterprise edition SKU. Bright Peter, from the well-known technology evaluation media Ars Technica, shared this information after the conference.

Usually enterprise users do not like to participate in the ranks of the system upgrade, after all, enterprise edition SKU is not free and companies need to bear the deployment and upgrade staff training matching expenditure, so relatively speaking, 1.5 million for windows 10 early deployment of enterprise no doubt is a good news. At this meeting, Microsoft also announced the Windows 10 Business for upgrade log list, Aul said in the push of the consumer version only the important patch will provide an update log, but business users do not need to worry about this problem.

A new study indicates Amazon employees are less satisfied with their work and life balance

According to a report released earlier this month by Kansas University, Amazon’s employees are less satisfied with their work and life balance than other technology companies, but for the work, they have a higher overall satisfaction.


The Kansas University has investigated 993 companies in various fields, they found that if the founders are still active in the company, employees on career satisfaction often is quite high. This group of data from the workplace web site in the 2012 to 2008 years to collect information.

Amazon’s overall satisfaction in the surveyed companies ranked 63, while Google ranked 3, apple ranked 7. The overall ranking covers the satisfaction of employees on corporate culture, job opportunities, salaries and benefits.

“Many organizations have formed a culture of hard work and high returns. From this point of view, Amazon is not unique.” Felix, a researcher at the Kansas University, said. Amazon did not comment.

But the balance between work and life, Amazon’s ranking has dropped significantly, only the 190th place. The company’s staff in this indicator give the average score of only 3.06 points (out of 5 points), big technology companies such as Google and Facebook scored higher.


Technology companies are competing for the few number of outstanding engineers, and thus launched a welfare war. From free catering to long-term pregnancy leave, these companies are aware of the high salary has been difficult to attract the best talent.

University of Kansas researchers concluded that by the founder of the company is more likely to enhance employee satisfaction. As Amazon founder Bezos Geoff (Bezos Jeff) is still the company CEO.

Amazon has recently been criticized for being too harsh on corporate culture. Earlier this month, “The New York times” said that Amazon’s staff will sometimes cry on the desk.

Apple Watch Sapphire screen produced by Russia

The scratch-resistant sapphire glass for Apple Watch have now confirmed is provided by the Monocrystal Company from Russia.


According to reports from News Sputnik, News reported that most Monocrystal company in last year’s total revenue of $87 million. At the same time, combined with the rouble devaluation, oil prices fell sharply, and because of the situation in Ukraine are affected by economic sanctions, so Monocrystal becomes more competitive in the market.

This Report said that on the Apple Watch, main use the Monocrystal 2 inches of sapphire chip, accounting for 40% of the total production of the Monocrystal, in the end of this year, the monthly production is expected to increase from the original 4 million to 5 million.

So far Apple did not publish Apple Watch sales official, but said Apple’s first watch get a great success, but did not disclose the specific amount of sales and revenue. Analysts pointed out that as June of this year, Apple Watch’s sales volume in 2000000 to 4200000 units.

Apple previously chosen sapphire glass supplier is from the United States of the GT Advanced Technologies, the company factory is located in the city of Mesa, Arizona, in the United States. And then the company due to improper operation and the management problems of bankruptcy, lead to apple finally chose Russia Monocrystal become its sapphire glass screen suppliers.

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Chrome Compatible Bug in the latest Windows 10 Build 10525 Preview Version

This morning, Microsoft formally push the Windows 10 Build 10525 preview version to the beat users.

In this version, Microsoft was adjust theme color scheme for the system, the most significant change is the title bar color can also change with the system theme color. In addition to the title bar, the notification center as well as Cortana small part of the details of the color scheme also has changed.

Using the new version is a happy thing, but the Chrome browser fans are not happy, because the Chrome seems to be encountered compatibility problems in the latest version of Windows 10.


Feedback from the Internet, 64 – bit version of Chrome on Windows 10 Build 10525 version almost completely tragedy, after open will prompt “Aw, Snap!”, and all plug-in cannot be used.

In this version, 64 bit version of Chrome 43 also encountered this problem, changed to 32 bit version of Chrome 44 finally solve the problem. So, if your Chrome in the latest version of the Windows 10 preview encountered a problem, try to replace the other 32 bit version to try.

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Google launched home WiFi router OnHub

Google launched a WiFi Router on Tuesday. This will further strengthen Google Internet home business, attract more users to use its services.


Google’s home WiFi router called OnHub. The reservation price on Google’s online store, Amazon and WAL-MART are $199.99. Google said in the blog, the router’s built-in antenna can scan the wireless communication environment, thus can create the fastest connection.

Through this router, the user will be able to sort the device’s priority, so provide the fastest speed to transmit data volume of activities, such as the content download and streaming movie playback. This router can also be associated with Google’s ON application. Through this application, users can check the network, and track bandwidth use. At present, this application has launched the iOS and Android version.

Google said that OnHub can automatically upgrade, so as to get the latest features and security patches. This upgrade is similar to the Android system and the Chrome browser.

The router is produced by TP-Link. But Google has hinted that ASUS may become the second manufacturer.


Recently Google carried out a restructuring, established the Umbrella Company Alphabet, so as to better develop the unmanned vehicles and other emerging business. Internet home is one of the new business. Last year, Google acquired intelligent thermostat manufacturer Nest at a price of $32 billion, hope to become a leader in Internet home market.

Market research firm IDC released a report in June 2015, the global Internet of things market size will reach $1.7 by 2020. These science and technology company such as Intel, Cisco and Samsung, and Vodafone and Verizon telecom operators recently is vigorously developing Internet home business, and think this business is an important source of revenue and profit in the future. In some cities of the United States, Google also provides high speed internet access services Google fiber. In addition, Google is also trying to improve the Internet coverage by balloon Internet Project “Project Loon”.