Logitech’s first Type-C USB mobile hard drive

USB type-C interface is as an important selling point for the new generation MacBook, support USB type-C equipment has been relatively scarce, and Logitech has just launched a USB type-C mobile hard disk LHD-PBMU3MSV can help solve the problem.


Logitech LHD-PBMU3MSV is a dedicated mobile hard disk for Macbook, its Type-C USB interface conforms to USB 3.0 transmission specification, just matching with the new Macbook. Mobile hard disk appearance with the same Mac system silver color, support HFS+ file system, all equipped with Intel processors Mac products can be used. LHD-PBMU3MSV size is 79 x 116 x 15 mm, 160 grams, the weight of the volume into the MAC attachment is definitely not small, but Logitech provides very powerful anti-bruise ability: four corners of mobile hard disk use high impact of rubber material, inside is equipped with a fall from any angle can protect disk “shock proof rubber” technology, have very strong anti falls ability, conforms to the American military mil-std-810f 516.5 standard.

In order to be compatible with common USB devices, Logitech offers two ways of connecting to a mobile hard disk: a common Type-C USB cable, and a Type-A – > Type-C adapter. Currently 1TB and 2TB two versions has been listed on the sale, use 5400rpm drives. In addition, there are a WD red high reliability solutions version.

DELL announced will sale Windows 10 notebook in July 29th

Microsoft recently confirmed the insider testers can enable download the final copy of windows 10 version in July 29, and retail stores will also provide pre-installed windows 10 notebook product in a few weeks.


However, as Microsoft’s long – term partners – DELL – one of the veteran PC manufacturers – will still adhere to the promise of the previous. The CEO Michael Dell, reiterated that they would start selling the Windows 10 computer in July 29th on Twitter.

This is obviously a very interesting announcement, because this does not comply with Microsoft’s latest release route, but DELL will show their position through practical action.

The company said in earlier, it is expected that the OEM partners will be provide pre-installed Windows 10 laptop computers on the same day (July 29).


However, in the earlier of this month, dell once amended, saying only insider testers can get formal Windows 10 version during the month, and OEM need extra weeks of time, to get a new laptop to stores.

Anyway, since Dell already praised the message, we will see. And in addition to DELL, other OEM manufacturers should not spend too much time on the preparation of Windows 10 devices.

New Windows Phone exposure have front flash

Microsoft recently announced plans to adjust the hardware sector, including layoffs 7800 people,the mobile phone business focus for three large pieces: High cost performance, business type, and the flagship.

And almost at the same time, evleaks exposures a new Windows Phone machine on twitter. The characteristics of this new machine is with front flash “. evleaks writes “Do you know that there is a Windows Phone with a front flash?”


At present, it is not clear that the Windows Phone with a front flash is part of the end of the device or the flagship device. But according to Bloomberg news, for all list, Microsoft will push up to two Lumia phones series every year, which means that perhaps Microsoft will push 6 Lumia mobile phone every year.

Samsung SE790C surface reconstruction of the display of the image of the legend

After the first surface SD590C launched and get the big popular, samsung continue to develop the surface technology to more high-end field. The SE790C 34 inches surface panel display released at the the Early year of 2015, not only has 3440 x 1440 ultra – WQHD resolution, more fully in accordance with the current mainstream Hollywood AnamorphicScope proportion design at the super wide screen 21:9, make broad movie screen fill your whole vision.

Samsung SE790C can bring near cinematic visual shock, the another reason is that, at present mainstream public display products is 16:9 aspect ratio, but the original ratio of HD movies sources is 2.35:1. Therefore we use monitors to watch the movie, the up and down will have two black bars, Samsung SE790C use the 21:9 ratio is very close to the ratio of the length and width of the film sources, so does not appear black strips or other picture loss.

Samsung SE790C using Ultra-WQHD resolution (3440×1440), is about 2.4 times for the full HD products. Higher resolution, means that the display screen can display more pixels, the picture of nature will become increasingly sophisticated, let all the details can be clearly demonstrated in front of the user.

Many movie scene has complex light changes, so it will demand high degree for the display the color reduction and contrast of light and shade, in order to ensure the best display effect, Samsung SE790C applied with 178 degree wide angle panel, and improved the static contrast to 3000:1, is three times of the ordinary flat products, animation nature more rich, the color is more deep.

As Samsung first launched surface display products at 2015, SE790C not only has excellent function parameters, in terms of product details, the same full effort: dual built-in stereo speakers for video game enthusiasts bring perfect sound effects; no splash screen, filter blue eye protection technology, effectively alleviate the long time use of eye fatigue; and Samsung PIP (picture in picture 2.0), ethereal dual (picture by picture) and unique technology resulted in the synchronous display of the plurality of pictures will show the role play to the extreme, so that users can “while watching the film, while traders”, meet more entertainment and business requirements.

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Apple Watch new patent handshake will be able to exchange data

Considering the smart watch screen area is very limited, if you want to exchange data between devices, is not a very convenient thing. Apple has its own ideas,in its new application for a patent, it is proposed a new technology based on motion sensor. In simple terms, using the technology of wearable devices (for Apple is that Apple Watch) the wearer to shake hands, bow or the action such as punch, automatically through the wireless way to exchange data. Users without even touching the screen with your fingers, which can obviously reduce the inconvenience.


Of course, you can also use different movements, the degree of intimacy with each other, to determine the range of data transmission, for example, first met two men shake hands, exchange could just contact information. If higher intimacy, even can exchange pictures, audio, and related applications (or including games, anime and SNS) contact information, etc.

At all, of course, we’re not sure whether apple will eventually add such function to their products, but it feels like, this will be very convenient.