Apple issued a formal invitation: March 9 launches product


Apple issued a formal invitation to the media on Thursday, will be held on product launch March 9 in San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts). The conference is likely to be the protagonist of the long-awaited Apple Watch smart watches.

Apple invitation only says “Spring forward” (before spring line) phrase – when on March 8 this day the United States will enter the daylight, Apple invitations content or implied, the new products will be related to time, that Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tim • Cook had previously said the Apple Watch would be on sale at this year in April. The device debuted in October last year, and it will be the focus of Apple’s products the new year.

Currently, the market has not mastered any specific information of Apple Watch. A key indicator of investors and users widely concern is the battery life of the device. Earlier reports said, Apple Watch’s battery life is only 2.5 hours. If so, this would have a negative impact on the sales of this product.

Apple Watch will have multiple versions of different materials. Aluminum base Sport (Sport) is expected to sell for $ 350. Apple also mentioned gold material ultra-luxury version earlier. To tie in the new product line on sale, Apple even redesigned the retail stores layout to enhance the consumer experience.

In addition of Apple Watch, the new design of the MacBook Air and re-packaged Beats Music online music service will be the focus of attention. According to earlier rumors that Apple will launch 12 inches MacBook Air, and stressed that more light and a single interface design. The new Beats Music will be fully integrated into Apple’s current products, and offer more attractive price and service than its competitors such as Spotify.

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Google search for the US market share fell below 75 percent for the first time in five years

The latest report from market analysis firm StatCounter show that in January this year, Yahoo’s share of the search market growth, leading Google’s share falling below 75% first time for the five years.
This is the second month Yahoo grab the market share from Google. Yahoo had cooperate with the Mozilla Firefox browser developers agreed to become the browser’s default engine.

Last month Google launched an ad, teach Firefox users how to switch back Google to the default search engine, but it does not seem to interfere with the efforts of Yahoo.


The Image Resoucre:

StatCounter’s CEO Aodhan Cullen, said: “Some analysts believe that, as a result of Firefox users will switch back Google to the default search, Yahoo shares will fell in January but will in fact, in the United States Yahoo search share grew by half a percentage point”.

Google last week released a weaker-than-expected quarterly earnings. This led to the public concerns about its advertising business. Overall, the decline in the share of the search market should not cause much impact on Google’s revenue.

However, no matter what level of search share decline occurs, will be showing Google treat their core business attitude, maybe some undisciplined.
According to StatCounter statistics, the US search market in January, Google has a 74.8% share; Microsoft Bing ranked second, the share is 12.4%; Yahoo’s share was 10.9%. Comparison, in December last year, Google, Bing and Yahoo’s share was 75.2%, 12.5% and 10.4%.

StatCounter data show that after Firefox switching the default search engine, Yahoo’s share in December rose a lot than 8.6 percent in November, it is the highest in five years.

Firefox is obviously helps Yahoo. StatCounter reported that the Yahoo search proportion of the use of Firefox in November is 9.9 percent, this figure rose to 28.3% last month.

Karen said: “If Firefox delete data from the search section, the share of Yahoo and Google would not change it highlights the importance of the default search engine, and the future the Safari browser importance of on each company’s search deal”.

Indeed, despite Yahoo replace Google to cooperate with Apple to reach a possibility that Safari browser search transaction is unlikely, but Apple still likely to obtain more favorable terms and therefore from Google.

Of course, Firefox can actually bring how much changes for Yahoo remains to be seen. In recent years Firefox browser share has been a substantial decline in the market, Google’s Chrome stoles the limelight. Firefox is only 14%traffic on the Internet currently, which means that Yahoo can get limited conditions.
Any favorable factors will allow Yahoo happy. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to make the core business growth the pressure is growth, searching share of the growth will be a victory for her.

In addition, if the search market share growth can inspire Yahoo employees, allow investors to abandon the idea of Yahoo and AOL merge, then its importance is far more direct impact on the financial.

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