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File Version: 1.00 Rev. B

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Download Address: sp68556.exe

Windows 10 released 7 major changes

1. supports PC / Tablet / Phone / Xbox One multi-platform


Windows 10 will support the PC, the Tablet, the phone and the Xbox One gaming platform, will assume the role of Microsoft Internet media all ecosystems, the future once the user uses Windows 10, then it means that his PC, mobile phone, tablet and Xbox One information, settings, forming a three-dimensional interactive Internet. Users will be able to synchronize their schedules, personal files, contacts, messages, settings, etc., will enjoy a more seamless experience to use when switching between devices.

2. the start screen adjustment


Windows 10 internal many details have been redesigned. As previously reported the new start menu, the more feature-rich experience closer to the original Win7. The magnetic stickers interface has been based on the original concept of substantial adjustment, on the new magnetic stickers interface began to support vertical scrolling, and can use the Start button exhaled all applications menu.

3. the Office will depth integration among software


Past Office software is relatively independent, and Windows 10 depth with Office software integration for the first time, support more convenient cross-platform sharing of users, this will be very easy to user experience. In order to use mobile devices more smoothly, Office of the mobile version has been greatly optimized, mobile experience in the Office productivity will be possible. Through live demonstrations, Office is presence of the deeper into the system, The user can move the PC side Office tasks completely seamless, real-time connection between different devices for the unfinished work.


Actually Office software is just one aspect to show the depth of integration, including a calendar, alarm clock and other common applications can achieve a similar experience on Windows 10.

4. integrated Cortana voice assistant


Through live demonstrations, the integration Cortana voice assistant in Windows 10 and run on a PC has a relatively good experience, it can not only to find the weather, transfer users’ applications and files, e-mail, find content online, but also to learn more users colloquial expression, no doubt more closer with our ideal and efficient Cortana rich emotional voice assistant. Microsoft said, Cortana service will be the first released for closed beta users in the next few months.

5. the new browser Spartan


In accordance with past practice of the new system release, Microsoft operating system update will also adjust the IE browser. Now a new browser – codename Spartan we met.

Microsoft explain its birth “is a more appropriate time using a browser to launch Windows 10″. From the point of view demonstration, Spartan’s interface is more simple, even a little Google Chrome charm from the visual style. It enables users to annotate browse on the page, which is also integrated screenshot function to change more convenient. Users can also annotate the content easily and through the sidebar to share or send to where it is needed to go.

6. integrated Xbox gaming platform to enhance social interaction


Microsoft held Windows 10 conference to announce a new officially Windows 10 to the outside world. Among the many changes in the integration Xbox game system is seen as more attention to reflect Microsoft’s gaming business. The integrated Xbox gaming platform will bring Windows 10 gamers more active social interactive experience.


Software “my game” will show all the game you played in terminals. Also which is also designed with your friends list, news items and events content stream. Your can chat with Xbox Live users, upload game results and game videos. You can also give the video game reviews, praise and share points.

7. first time in history to provide a free upgrade


Many users are very concerned about the Windows 10 upgrade is free or take much money, while Microsoft released Win10 and gives the answer: the first year for free!

Microsoft explained that in the Win10 release time of the year, all the current Win7 users, Win8.1 users as well as Windows Phone 8.1 users can upgrade for free, this is the first time in the history of Microsoft. This initiative will undoubtedly greatly improve the user to upgrade the system, Microsoft is expected to slow to get rid of the system users to upgrade the morass. I felt vaguely Microsoft finally understand the truth: the added value brought by the user to upgrade the amount might be higher than the sales proceeds, this step is very important to the overall situation.

Summary: experience Win8 / 8.1 failure Win10 may be a good start


Move closer to mobile has always been plagued the entire IT industry, after experienced Win8 and Win8.1 failure, it seems that Microsoft has finally found the idea of a unified multi-platform. Although we do not like Win8 / 8.1, but have to say they did not test the water experience is certainly not today see Win10. If Win8 / 8.1 is in the process of quantitative moment, then Win10 like a qualitative change in the point.

Win10 not only to achieve a multi-platform integration and brings many new features, but also in the interface design had to remove the obstacles in Win8 / 8.1. Let’s not to mention how the new features will bring change, just the experience and interface design, have enough support Win10 beyond its predecessor, and do not forget Microsoft also give a huge temptation for free upgrades. At least I think that Win10 is a labor pains after a good start.

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Win 10 is accelerating update the final version

Before technical preview version released on January, the latest official version of Windows Insider project members get is 9879, mainly repair small BUG and optimize and adjust the details, then Microsoft delay in the release update cycle with the grounds of Christmas holidays, until two months later the 9926 version was released. But with Windows 10 conference held last week, Insider project leader Gabriel Aul said version update frequency will be further accelerated, and not far from the final edition.


According to Gabriel Aul Tweets content means a lot of Insider members can receive more frequent version upgrade information in the next period of time, and take those who want to be able to make the test for the new features introduced for testing and feedback, allowing Microsoft engineers bring better Windows 10 systems. Gabe said on Tweets current users can upgrade from any version to the final release version, and the next release time faster than you think.


Windows 10 conference advertise for Apple


In US President Barack Obama State of the Union conference of the public gallery and Microsoft Windows 10 conference, saw a lot of aluminum alloy MacBook and sparkling apple Logo, seemed to advertise for Apple.

Grasswire co-founder Austen Allred snapped the photo and posted on Twitter. He tweets said: “There are many MacBook laptop on Windows 10 conference.” Of course this is not a new phenomenon, this has been the case for many years.

At the press conference, I often see a lot of people use Apple products and office software. Those people every day, all day, are inseparable from science and technology, there is no IT department to buy the product for them, the people who travel, who require continuous hours of work, and may be not have time and conditions charged, Apple can provide convenient for them.

It can be said that this phenomenon than Apple’s advertising in any indoor.