Cook is the first openly gay CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises


After Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly acknowledged that he is gay, the “Fortune” magazine were re-analyzed to ” Leaders of Global 500 ” on Thursday, and found the following interesting data and facts:

500 companies in the world,
1: Cookis the firstpublicly acknowledgedGay CEO,is currently the onlyonedisclosed inthe”gay CEO”.

5: 5 black CEO in total of Top 500. Donald Thompson who is appointed by McDonald’s in 2012 is the fifth black CEO.

19: According to the information provided by Freedom to Marry, total 19 countries worldwide currently recognize gay marriage validity, legality from the law.

20: According to the World Economic Forum’s 2014 Global Gender Gap Index display, Benign status of equality in the United States ranked No. 20.

27: total 27 female CEO in Top 500. AMD recently appointed Lisa Su Dr. is the 27 women CEO.

29: According to the American Civil Liberties Union constitution, the United States has 29 states can legally because someone is homosexual and to fire him.

53: According to the data provided by human rights organization Human Rights Campaign, the nation has 53 percent of gay, bisexual and transgender people would conceal their true identity in the workplace.

91: 91% of enterprises in the “non-discriminatory regulations” in clear reference to the sexuality issue in Top 500, this proportion rose sharply compared with in 2002 61%and 17 years ago 5%.

1973: This year, Catherine • Graham act as “The Washington Post” CEO, as the first female CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises.

1999: This year, Franklin • Raines as Fannie Mae chief executive officer, as the first black CEO in the world’s top 500 enterprises.

HP released the industrial 3D printer 10 times faster speed than current technology


Hewlett-Packard launched a new large industrial printers and Multi Jet Fusion printing technology on Wednesday. This focus on computer and printer business of the company said the new Multi Jet Fusion printing technology to print 10 times faster than existing 3D, this printer lower prices, the strength of print products is higher than the existing printer.

HP said the new 3D printer can make 3D printing technology is more widely adopted. However, the time this product to market will delay until 2016. Three weeks ago, HP announced that it would separate the two companies. After the split, the new HP Enterprise Company will focus on business and government software and services, while spin-out Hewlett-Packard Company will focus on the PC and printing. Spin-off will be completed before the end of October 2015.

Hewlett-Packard printer has a high share in the field, in the field of consumer and commercial printing business for many years. So it can be logical to use its expertise and customer relationships to promote their new 3D printer products. Nonetheless, 3D printing has been difficult to break into the mainstream market.

Other companies in this field also includes companies such as 3D Systems and Stratasys, they are trying to cultivate its own market, develop an early prototype and create customized tools. Hewlett-Packard as a printer giant entered the field of 3D printing, it will cause great pressure on those start-ups. Because Hewlett-Packard announced a new 3D printer on Wednesday, 3D Systems and Strategy’s company share price fell about 5-7%.

Yosemite penetration rate of 12.8% in the first week slightly over Mavericks


According to technology blog Re / code reports, new generation of Apple Mac computer system OS X Yosemite rapid growth after the launch, benefited from the system during the test phase is still in its opening decision. After the formal launch of the first week, Yosemite penetration rate of 12.8%, slightly over the same period of the Mavericks 12.4%.

According to the online advertising network Chitika’s market research firm Chitika Insights’s latest study, Yosemite official version released on the first day, the proportion of the total traffic on the Mac network in North America, more than 1 percent, over the same period the performance of previous generations of systems twice.


“Yosemite started slightly ahead Mavericks, probably because Apple first introduced the public beta program.” Chitika Insights market analyst Andrew • Webber said.

Chitika’s data showed that the test plan to bring improvement is short-lived: after a week, OS X Yosemite and the Mavericks in the official launch of the penetration rate is almost the same. Chitika is obtained that the popularity of data in accordance with its network of ad impressions.

Apple offers its operating system free, apparently helps consumers to upgrade their computer systems to accelerate the speed. Data from Chitika is evident. Prior studies have shown that the popularity of costs Mountain Lion system speed was relatively slowly, although Apple did it just a nominal charge $ 19.99 fee.

Consumers quickly embraced the new system version, will be very beneficial for the tech giant Cupertino – especially Yosemite, the system can be driven well with Apple’s iPhone and iPad iOS 8 operating system integration, giving consumers consistent and convenient experience.

Behind this goal is to create a mutually synergistic integration of a large family of Apple products (and further the user is locked in its own among ecosystems, prevent users turn to a competitor’s product).

Apple has not yet announced Yosemite download data, but according to Apple executives said in the earnings conference call, Mac computer sales hit a record in the three quarter. In the quarter ended in September, Macintosh computers recorded revenue of $ 6.6 billion, an increase of 18%, and this achievement is in the whole PC market under stagnant.

HP want to Sale Chinese enterprise network business Chinese companies or take over

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that informed sources, HP is looking for a buyer for its enterprise network business in China, the move or will make Hangzhou H3C Corporation controlled by Chinese companies again.

Allegedly, HP has begun to test the Chinese private equity firm intention might be interested in this business; it’s action is still in its early stages, as occur buyers, HP expects to sell at least H3C 51% stake. Informed sources pointed out that the total value of H3C may reach around 5 billion dollars.

After the American government use American companies’ infrastructures to collect home and abroad data news broken, Hewlett-Packard and other US technology companies in China are facing a lot of pressure. Informed sources said on H3C transaction to be approved by the Chinese government, the buyer is likely to require a local Chinese companies.

Traditional enterprise network equipment providers are also faced with low-cost equipment or services provided through the clouds the impact of competitors. Earlier this year, IBM agreed to pay $ 2.3 billion of which will be sold to Lenovo x86 server business.

In China, H3C is a major provider of enterprise data networking equipment, mainly engaged in routers, software, switches and other products, currently total of 5,000 employees worldwide. HP is not listed H3C’s performance data separately in the earnings, and therefore the latter’s annual revenue is unknown. HP spend $ 2.7 billion acquisition of 3Com Corporation and took over the H3Cin 2010.

Informed sources said, H3C buyer might be another Chinese technology companies, but it is more likely to be sold to private equity firms.

HP itself is restructuring now. This month the company announced it would split into two plans, after spin-off, a company focused on corporate buyers of hardware and services, another major sale of the PC and the printer. The size of these two businesses with annual revenues are more than 50 billion US dollars. HP said it might strengthen their business through mergers and acquisitions, and the sale of H3C can bring to it the funds to promote the program.

Before announced spin-off, HP has been in merger talks with the data storage giant EMC for several months, both combined market capitalization of over 120 billion US dollars. According to reports, those talks have ended.

Informed sources said that no matter with whom for the transaction, HP will retain a minority stake in H3C, this company also want to continue to use H3C’s low-cost manufacturing capabilities.

Twitter purchased photo sharing site Twitpic


Twitter will acquire Twitpic site. The site is designed to allow users to post photos on the Twitter website.

Twitpic recently announced on its official blog, after a few months of “roller coaster experience”, it reached an agreement with Twitter, giving the latter Twitpic domain name and photo archives – a move that will ensure that existing photos and link still exists.

“This will be my last chapter with Twitpic, and I once again thank you for the past seven years let me be part of your photo sharing memories. It is an honor for me.” Twitpic founder Noah • Everett (Noah Everett) said in the post.

Twitpic platform is scheduled to close today, the millions of pictures will disappear.

Twitpic published closure plan in the September. Everett wrote, since caught up with the Twitter trademark dispute, which threatened to cut off access to the Twitter API Twitpic, the company decided to hand over recognize the negative.

Everett was pointed out, the emergence of the trademark dispute surprising because Twitpic had been established as early as in 2008, and submitted a trademark application in 2009.

“Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient resources to withstand such a large company like Twitter, maintenance we believe this belongs to our trademark, so we decided to close Twitpic.” Everett wrote in the essay before Bowen.