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Driver Doctor Help Documentation

This help page provides a better understanding for Driver Doctor. It provides the basic information about Driver Doctor.

Basic Information About Driver Doctor

Help 1: Driver Doctor Installation Guide

Step 1: Download the Driver Doctor from here: https://www.driverdr.com/DriverDr_Setup.exe.

Step 2: Double click the DriverDoctor_Setup.exe program, and follow the installation guide to install this program on your computer.

Step 3: Double click the icon to run this program, and you will see the friendly interface.

Help 2: Driver Doctor Registration and Activation Guide

After you install and run the Driver Doctor, you can enjoy the free scan driver information, but if you want to download all the drivers, you need to register and activate this program.

Step 1: Click the "Register" button at the right-bottom.

Step 2: Click the "Register" button, an activation window will pop up to ask you to enter the License key in the blank.

Help 3: Driver Doctor Scan Introduction

Driver Doctor provides you with the free driver information report, you can use the scan function to get this report.

Step 1: Run the Driver Doctor program.

Step 2: Click the "Scan Now" button to start scan your computer.

Step 3: After finishing the scan, it will show you the device information. It will shows you how many drivers have the new version, how many drivers are lost.

Help 4: Install Drivers Guide

After you download all the drivers, you need to install these drivers. And some drivers require computer to restart after installing. The best way is to install one driver at a time.

How to Install a Driver?

Step 1: When a driver download finishes, it will show like this.

Step 2: Click the "Install" button to start installing this driver.

Step 3: After the driver completely is finished, click the "Yes" button and your driver is up to the latest version.

Help 5: Renew License Key

Driver Doctor offers renew license service for Customers. When the license is expired, you can renew license key so as to continue to use. What's more, for the time-limited promotion now, Driver Doctor offers a 50% discount in renewing license key.

How to Renew License Key?

Run Driver Doctor normally and if your license key is expired, it will pop up one window like this, click Continue to follow up the steps to renew license key. You would see Driver Doctor offers you 50% discount (Time-Limited promotion) when you try to pay for renewing fee.

Help 6: Driver Doctor Settings

To use Driver Doctor more efficiently, you need to read this article about settings.

Step 1: Double click to run Driver Doctor.

Step 2: Click "Settings" to enter the settings page.
Here you can set:
Internet Connection
Hidden Devices
Close Options
System Restore
Scheduled Task

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